Oil Skimmer


Product Specification:
– Product: Oil Skimmer
– Voltage: 110V
– Flow Rate: 1 gallon per hour (1 gph)
РMaximum Temperature: 212°F
– Construction: Lightweight, portable units made of stainless steel to resist corrosive chemicals
– Features: Fan cooled motor, spring-loaded stabilizer bar
– Timer Included: Yes

Oil Skimmer,110V,1 gph
  • ✔️Item: Oil Skimmer
  • ✔️Max. Temp. (F): 212
  • ✔️Construction: Lightweight, Portable Units are Made of Stainless Steel to Resist Corrosive Chemicals
  • ✔️Features: Fan Cooled Motor, Spring-Loaded Stabilizer Bar
  • ✔️Capacity: 1 gph
  • ✔️Timer Included: Yes

Editor’s Review


The Oil Skimmer 110V, with a capacity of 1 gph (gallons per hour), is a highly efficient and reliable solution for removing oil from various liquids. This lightweight and portable unit is constructed of stainless steel, making it resistant to corrosive chemicals. Equipped with a fan-cooled motor and a spring-loaded stabilizer bar, it offers exceptional performance and durability. Additionally, the Oil Skimmer comes with a timer included, making it a convenient tool for oil removal applications.

Design and Durability

The Oil Skimmer is designed with a compact and lightweight structure, making it easy to transport and operate. The use of high-quality stainless steel in its construction provides excellent durability and resistance to corrosive chemicals. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from industrial settings to smaller workshops. The sturdy design ensures that the skimmer can withstand rigorous use and maintain its performance over time.

Efficiency and Performance

With a maximum oil removal capacity of 1 gph, the Oil Skimmer offers efficient and reliable performance. The fan-cooled motor ensures that the skimmer operates smoothly and consistently, even under high temperatures. This feature prevents overheating and ensures optimal oil removal performance. The spring-loaded stabilizer bar enhances stability during operation, reducing any potential vibrations and ensuring accurate oil extraction.

Ease of Use

The Oil Skimmer is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its lightweight and portable design allow for easy transportation and setup. It can be quickly installed in various environments, providing hassle-free operation. The inclusion of a timer simplifies the oil removal process, enabling users to conveniently set specific intervals for skimming operations. This feature eliminates the need for constant monitoring and improves overall efficiency.

Application Versatility

The Oil Skimmer 110V is versatile and can be used in a range of industries and applications. It is especially suitable for environments where oil and other hydrocarbon-based liquids need to be removed from water or other liquids. It can be effectively used in manufacturing facilities, automotive workshops, coolant treatment systems, and machine shops, among others. The unit’s compact size and durable construction make it ideal for both small-scale operations and large industrial facilities.


The Oil Skimmer requires minimal maintenance, contributing to its overall convenience. The stainless steel construction resists corrosion, reducing the need for frequent repairs. Regular cleaning of the skimming head and periodically inspecting the motor and stabilizer bar for any abnormalities are recommended. Additionally, checking and replacing the oil collection tube when necessary ensures continued efficiency.


  • Compact and lightweight design for easy transportation
  • Durable stainless steel construction for resistance to corrosive chemicals
  • Efficient oil removal capacity of 1 gph
  • Fan-cooled motor for optimal performance
  • Spring-loaded stabilizer bar for enhanced stability
  • Includes a timer for convenient operation


  • Not suitable for high-volume oil removal applications
  • Requires an electrical power source
  • Timer settings may not be adjustable or customizable


In conclusion, the Oil Skimmer 110V is a reliable and efficient solution for removing oil from various liquids. Its compact and lightweight design, along with its stainless steel construction, ensures portability and durability. With a capacity of 1 gph and a fan-cooled motor, it offers excellent oil removal performance even under high temperatures. The inclusion of a timer adds convenience to the operation, making it suitable for a variety of applications. While it may not be suitable for high-volume oil removal tasks, it provides an effective solution for smaller-scale operations. Overall, the Oil Skimmer is a valuable tool for industries and workshops in need of efficient oil removal.

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