Obeamiu 3 Packs 70 LED Video Light with Adjustable Tripod Stand/Color Filters, USB Studio Lighting Kit for Tablet/Low Angle Shooting, Collection Portrait YouTube Photography, Wall Charger.


Product Specification:
– Quantity: 3 packs of LED video light
– LED beads: 70pcs
– Illuminance: Up to 1100Lux at 0.5M distance
– Color Rendering Index (CRI): ‚â•97
– Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI): ‚â•97
– Color temperature range: 5400K – 5800K
– Brightness levels: 12 levels adjustable from 10% to 100%
– Lighting Control: Easy-to-set perfect lighting with modes and brightness adjustment via USB cable button
– Color Filters: 4 color filters (yellow, red, blue, white) for creative light color effects
– Tripod Stand: No-twisting-to-lock design with quick-flip locks and weighted base for stability
– Tripod Stand Height: Extends from 27.17″ to 48.39″
– Tripod Stand Material: High-quality aluminum
– Extension Pole Material: Aluminum alloy
– Foldable: Yes, for portability and storage
– Suitable for: Photography and video lighting control in various scenes such as live broadcasts, portrait shots, beauty makeup, YouTube video shooting, and more.
– Package Includes: 3 USB LED Light Panels with Cables, 3 USB Wall Chargers, 3 Universal Gimbals, 3 Tripod Stands, 3 sets of 4 Color Filters (Yellow/Red/Blue/White), and 1 User Manual
– Power Requirement: USB Power Adapter with equal to or more than 5V/2A for each light

3 Packs 70 LED Video Light with Adjustable Tripod Stand/Color Filters, Obeamiu 5600K USB Studio Lighting Kit for Tablet/Low Angle Shooting, Collection Portrait YouTube...
  • Multiple Color and Brightness Levels: 360° Full Color will be make your photography more colorful. LED light panel adopts 70pcs led beads,...
  • Lighting Control: Easy-to-set perfect lighting. Just press the button on the USB cable to switch modes and adjust brightness in other modes. Accurate...
  • Versatile & Portable Tripod Stand: No-Twisting-To-Lock that collapses over time, Obeamiu tripod adopts quick-flip locks and weighted tripod base for...
  • This professional upgraded LED video light is suitable for your photography activities. It can be widely used for lighting control of photography and...
  • [ Package Lists ]: 3*USB LED Light Panel with Cable, 3* USB Wall Chargers, 3*Universal Gimbal, 3* Tripod Stand, 3 *4 Color Filters (...

Editor’s Review


In the world of photography and videography, having the right lighting equipment is crucial to achieving the perfect shot. The 3 Packs 70 LED Video Light with Adjustable Tripod Stand/Color Filters by Obeamiu is a versatile and portable lighting kit that promises to elevate your photography to the next level. With features such as adjustable brightness, color temperature control, and multiple color filters, this LED video light is a must-have for any aspiring photographer or content creator.

Colorful and Realistic Lighting

The 360° full-color feature of the LED light panel is what sets it apart from other lighting kits available in the market. With 70 high-quality LED beads and an illuminance of up to 1100Lux, this lighting kit ensures that your videos and pictures are bright and vivid. Additionally, the use of index lamp beads with a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of ≥97, TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of ≥97, and RA (Rendering Accuracy) of ≥97 provides a more realistic light source for your shooting.

Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature

The Obeamiu LED video light offers 12 levels of brightness, allowing you to easily switch between color temperatures of 5400K and 5800K. This dimmable feature ensures that you can meet all your lighting needs in different circumstances, whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors. The accurate brightness adjustment from 10-100% gives you full control over the intensity of the light, while the convenient color temperature control allows you to achieve the desired atmosphere for your shots.

Lighting Control Made Easy

Setting up the perfect lighting for your photography or videography can be a hassle, but not with the Obeamiu LED video light. The lighting control is incredibly user-friendly, thanks to the button on the USB cable. Simply press the button to switch between different modes and adjust brightness accordingly. The accurate color temperature control ensures that you can fine-tune the lighting to your exact specifications. Additionally, the kit includes four color filters for creating different light color effects and enhancing your visual experience.

(Note: The color filters should be used with the white diffuser. Insert the white diffuser first and then place the color filter on top.)

Versatile and Portable Tripod Stand

The Obeamiu LED video light comes with a versatile tripod stand that is both sturdy and portable. Unlike traditional twisting-to-lock stands that tend to collapse over time, this tripod features quick-flip locks and a weighted base for increased stability. It extends from 27.17” to 48.39” and is made of high-quality aluminum, making it durable and adjustable to match your specific needs. The aluminum alloy extension pole ensures that the tripod is firm and not easily prone to breakage. Additionally, the tripod is foldable, lightweight, and portable, making storage and transportation hassle-free.

Multiple Applications and Accessories

This professional-grade LED video light is suitable for a wide range of photography activities. Whether you’re into live broadcasts, portrait shooting, beauty makeup, YouTube video shooting, or simply need to fill light in different environments, this kit has got you covered. The package includes 3 USB LED light panels with cables, 3 USB wall chargers, 3 universal gimbals, 3 tripod stands, and 3 sets of 4 color filters (yellow/red/blue/white). The kit also comes with a user manual for easy setup and operation. With its compatibility and versatility, this lighting kit is perfect for your YouTube videos, studio sessions, interviews, vlogs, and photography lighting needs.


The 3 Packs 70 LED Video Light with Adjustable Tripod Stand/Color Filters by Obeamiu is an excellent addition to any photographer or videographer’s arsenal. Its 360¬∞ full-color feature, high-quality LED beads, accurate brightness and color temperature control, and versatile tripod stand make it a must-have for capturing stunning visuals. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, this lighting kit provides you with the tools to elevate your photography and videography to the next level. Get ready to explore new creative possibilities and capture the perfect shot with the Obeamiu LED video light.

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