NiSi 100mm V7 Professional Kit


Product Specification:
– Product Name: NiSi 100mm V7 Professional Kit
– Included Items: V7 Filter Holder, True Color CPL, 100x100mm ND8 (3 Stop) filter, 100x100mm ND64 (6 Stop) filter, 100x100mm ND1000 (10 Stop) filter, 100x100mm ND32000 (15 Stop) filter, 100x150mm Reverse GND8 (3 Stop) filter, 100x150mm Soft GND8 (3 Stop) filter, 100x150mm Medium GND8 (3 Stop) filter
– Compatibility: Suitable for long-exposure and landscape photography
– V7 Holder: Allows the use of 3 square filters
– True Color CPL: Eliminates warming cast commonly seen with other CPLs
– Optical Glass: High definition with NiSi Nano Coating, providing waterproof, anti-reflection, scratch-resistant, and easy-to-clean properties
– Included Accessories: NiSi Caddy Pouch, Lens Cap, Clever Cleaner, Cleaning Cloth, Blower.

NiSi V7 Professional Kit | 100mm Square Filter Holder, 82mm Ring, True Color CPL, 3 Adapter Rings | 3-Stop Soft, Medium, and Reverse GND Filters | 3, 6, 10, 15-Stop ND Filters...
  • FILTER HOLDER: The aluminum filter holder frame can hold up to 3 filters of 100x100mm and 100x150mm size with 2mm thickness. This includes Neutral...
  • TRUE COLOR CPL: The circular polarizer, which can be bayonet-mounted to the main adapter ring, eliminates the yellow cast common in most CPLs,...
  • COMPATIBILITY: The main adapter ring has a filter thread of 82mm, and includes adapters for 67mm, 72mm, and 77mm for a wide variety of camera lenses....
  • ND FILTERS: ND8, ND64, ND1000, and ND32000 100x100mm Neutral Density filters, to enable a uniform light reduction of 3, 6, 10, and 15 stops for large...
  • GND FILTERS: Also included are 100x150mm 3-stop Soft, Medium, and Reverse Graduated Neutral Density filters that helps to darken specific areas of an...
  • TRANSPORTATION: Transport the system with the included NiSi Caddy Filter Pouch, which holds up to nine filters and can be carried as a shoulder bag...

Editor’s Review

NiSi 100mm V7 Professional Kit | V7 Filter Holder and CPL with 4 ND Filters and 3 GND Filters | Long-Exposure and Landscape Photography


The NiSi 100mm V7 Professional Kit is a comprehensive collection of filters and accessories designed for long-exposure and landscape photography. This kit includes the V7 Filter Holder, a True Color CPL, and a range of ND and GND filters. With high definition optical glass and the NiSi Nano Coating, these filters are both durable and produce stunning image quality. In addition, the kit includes several useful accessories such as the NiSi Caddy Pouch, Lens Cap, Clever Cleaner, Cleaning Cloth, and Blower. In this review, we will take a closer look at the features and performance of the NiSi 100mm V7 Professional Kit.

V7 Holder: Versatile and Sturdy

The highlight of the NiSi 100mm V7 Professional Kit is the V7 Filter Holder. Designed to accommodate 3 square filters, this holder offers unmatched flexibility and convenience. The V7 Holder is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring both durability and ease of use. The design allows for quick and secure installation of filters, and the holder can be easily rotated to adjust the position of the filters. Whether you are using ND filters to capture long exposure shots or GND filters to balance the exposure of sky and foreground, the V7 Holder provides a reliable and versatile solution.

True Color CPL: Eliminates Warming Cast

A common issue with many circular polarizing filters is the warming cast they introduce to images. The NiSi 100mm V7 Professional Kit addresses this problem with its True Color CPL. This CPL filter eliminates the warming cast, ensuring accurate color reproduction and natural-looking images. The True Color CPL is a welcome addition for landscape photographers who often encounter landscapes with vibrant colors. With this filter, you can capture the true beauty of your surroundings without the worry of color distortion.

ND Filters: Perfect for Long Exposures

The NiSi 100mm V7 Professional Kit includes four ND filters: ND8 (3 Stop), ND64 (6 Stop), ND1000 (10 Stop), and ND32000 (15 Stop). These filters are essential tools for long exposure photography, allowing you to achieve stunning effects by controlling the amount of light that enters your camera. The ND filters in this kit are made from high definition optical glass and feature the NiSi Nano Coating. This coating provides several benefits, including waterproofing, anti-reflection, scratch resistance, and easy cleaning. Whether you are capturing silky smooth waterfalls or dreamy clouds in the sky, these ND filters deliver outstanding results.

GND Filters: Balancing Exposure

Balancing the exposure between the sky and foreground can be challenging, especially in landscape photography. The NiSi 100mm V7 Professional Kit includes three GND filters: Reverse GND8 (3 Stop), Soft GND8 (3 Stop), and Medium GND8 (3 Stop). These filters are specifically designed to help you achieve a balanced exposure in high-contrast scenes. The reverse GND filter is suitable for sunsets and sunrises, where the brightest part of the scene is just above the horizon. The soft and medium GND filters are ideal for general landscape photography, providing gradual and natural transition between the sky and foreground. With these filters, you can capture stunning images with well-balanced exposures and vibrant colors.

Image Quality: Crisp and Clear

One of the most important aspects of any filter is its impact on image quality. The NiSi 100mm V7 Professional Kit excels in this regard, thanks to its high definition optical glass and the NiSi Nano Coating. These filters deliver exceptional clarity and sharpness, ensuring that your images are crisp and clear. The Nano Coating helps to minimize flare and ghosting, further enhancing the image quality. Whether you are shooting in bright sunlight or low light conditions, the NiSi filters in this kit will help you capture stunning images with vibrant colors and remarkable detail.

Accessories: Convenient and Practical

In addition to the filters, the NiSi 100mm V7 Professional Kit includes several accessories that enhance the overall user experience. The NiSi Caddy Pouch provides a convenient and organized way to store and carry your filters. The Lens Cap protects your lens from dust and scratches when the filters are not in use. The Clever Cleaner, Cleaning Cloth, and Blower help you maintain the cleanliness of your filters, ensuring optimal performance. These accessories are all well-designed and of high quality, adding value to the overall package.


The NiSi 100mm V7 Professional Kit is a comprehensive solution for long-exposure and landscape photography. With the V7 Filter Holder, True Color CPL, four ND filters, three GND filters, and a range of useful accessories, this kit provides everything you need to capture stunning images. The high definition optical glass and the NiSi Nano Coating ensure exceptional image quality, while the versatile V7 Holder offers flexibility and convenience. If you are a photography enthusiast who enjoys capturing landscapes and exploring long-exposure techniques, the NiSi 100mm V7 Professional Kit is a worthy investment.

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