Nikon FM-10 Camera Kit


– Fully manual single-lens reflex camera
– 35mm SLR Camera
– 35-70mm F3.5-4.8 Zoom Lens included
– Comes with a camera case
– Film speeds down to 1/2000 second
– Manual wind-rewind
– Multiple exposures possible
– Self-timer feature included

Nikon FM-10 35mm SLR Camera Kit with 35-70mm F3.5-4.8 Zoom Lens & Camera Case
  • Fully manual single-lens reflex camera
  • Includes 35 to 70mm Nikkor lens
  • Film speeds down to 1/2000 second
  • Manual wind-rewind with multiple exposures possible
  • Self-timer

Editor’s Review


The Nikon FM-10 35mm SLR Camera Kit with 35-70mm F3.5-4.8 Zoom Lens & Camera Case is a fully manual single-lens reflex camera that offers an excellent blend of functionality and affordability. With its included Nikkor lens, versatile film speeds, manual wind-rewind feature, and self-timer, this camera kit is perfect for photography enthusiasts who appreciate the control and flexibility that manual cameras provide. In this review, we will dive deeper into each of these features and explore how they contribute to a remarkable photography experience.

35 to 70mm Nikkor Lens

One of the standout features of the Nikon FM-10 kit is the inclusion of the 35 to 70mm Nikkor lens. This lens offers a versatile focal length range that makes it suitable for a wide range of photography styles, from landscapes to portraits. The ability to zoom in and out gives photographers the freedom to compose their shots precisely without having to switch lenses frequently.

  • The lens has a maximum aperture of F3.5 at 35mm and F4.8 at 70mm, allowing for decent low-light performance.
  • The construction of the lens is solid, and the image quality it produces is impressive.
  • With the option to manually focus, photographers have complete control over their shots and can achieve the desired level of sharpness.

Overall, the 35 to 70mm Nikkor lens included in the Nikon FM-10 kit proves to be a reliable and versatile companion for capturing stunning photographs.

Film Speeds and Exposure Control

The Nikon FM-10 offers a wide range of film speeds, including options as low as 1/2000 second. This feature enables photographers to capture fast-moving subjects with impeccable detail and freeze motion effectively. Whether photographing sports events or wildlife, the FM-10’s film speeds ensure that no moment is missed.

Additionally, the camera offers fully manual exposure control, allowing photographers to fine-tune their exposure settings based on the lighting conditions and artistic vision. This level of control is particularly beneficial for photographers who prefer to craft their images rather than relying on automatic modes.

  • The inclusion of an exposure meter provides accurate exposure readings, ensuring properly exposed images.
  • Photographers can experiment with different shutter speeds and apertures, giving them the freedom to explore creative possibilities.
  • The manual exposure control also serves as a valuable learning tool for those who want to deepen their understanding of photography fundamentals.

Overall, the film speeds and exposure control of the Nikon FM-10 contribute to its appeal as a reliable and versatile tool for photographers of all skill levels.

Manual Wind-Rewind and Multiple Exposures

The Nikon FM-10 features a manual wind-rewind function, which allows photographers to control the film advancement process. This feature can be particularly advantageous when shooting multiple exposures on a single frame or when trying to achieve specific double-exposure effects.

  • The manual wind-rewind lever is smooth and easy to operate, providing a satisfying tactile experience.
  • Photographers can experiment with multiple exposures, unleashing their creativity and producing unique and artistic images.
  • The ability to manually rewind the film also comes in handy in situations where one wants to change the film midway or remove it without finishing the entire roll.

The capability for multiple exposures combined with the manual wind-rewind feature makes the Nikon FM-10 an excellent choice for those seeking to explore the more creative side of photography.


The inclusion of a self-timer in the Nikon FM-10 kit adds an extra layer of functionality for photographers. This feature proves particularly useful in situations where the photographer wants to be a part of the frame but cannot physically trigger the shutter.

  • The self-timer can be set to delay the shutter release by up to 10 seconds, providing ample time to compose the shot and join the frame.
  • Photographers can capture group photos, self-portraits, or simply experiment with creative compositions that include themselves.
  • The self-timer lever is conveniently placed on the front of the camera, making it easy to access and operate.

Overall, the self-timer function enhances the versatility of the Nikon FM-10, expanding its applications beyond traditional photography scenarios.

Camera Case

The inclusion of a camera case in the Nikon FM-10 kit is a thoughtful addition that enhances the overall value of the product. The case is well-designed and provides adequate protection for the camera and lens during storage and transportation.

  • The case is made of durable materials that offer excellent resistance against scratches and impact.
  • It features a padded interior that keeps the camera and lens snug and secure.
  • Multiple compartments and pockets allow for convenient storage of accessories such as extra film rolls, lens filters, and cleaning tools.

The camera case not only provides physical protection but also makes it easier for photographers to carry their Nikon FM-10 kit with them, ensuring that it remains in pristine condition for years to come.


The Nikon FM-10 35mm SLR Camera Kit with 35-70mm F3.5-4.8 Zoom Lens & Camera Case offers a remarkable photography experience for both photography enthusiasts and beginners. With its included versatile lens, wide range of film speeds, manual exposure control, manual wind-rewind feature, self-timer, and camera case, this kit provides exceptional value for its price.

From capturing stunning landscapes to experimenting with creative double exposures, the Nikon FM-10 unlocks endless possibilities for photographers who appreciate the control and artistic freedom offered by manual cameras. Its user-friendly design and solid construction make it a reliable companion for capturing memories and exploring the wonders of film photography.

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