NEEWER Motorized Camera Slider (ER1-80)


Product Specification:

– Brand: Neewer
– Model: ER1-80
– Length: 31.5 inches / 80 cm
– Control: App control and 2.4G remote control (remote not included)
– Modes: Manual mode, video mode (with constant speed, slow start/stop), time lapse
РMaximum Load Capacity: 11lb/5kg horizontally, 5.5lb/2.5kg tilted up 45°
– Motor: Silent stepper motor driver for smooth and noiseless camera movement
– Power Source: 2600mAh NP-F550 lithium ion battery, USB charger or 5V 2A type C power jack
РShooting Angles: Adjustable knobs for different shooting angles Рlower left and upper right for tracking shots, upper left and lower right for 120° panoramas, middle positions for horizontal shots. Can also be tilted at 45° or vertically at 90°
– Build: Carbon fiber construction for sturdy and lightweight design
– Mounting: 1/4″ and 3/8″ threaded holes for easy tripod mounting

NEEWER 31.5"/80cm Motorized Camera Slider, App Wireless Control Carbon Fiber Dolly Rail Slider, Support Video Mode, Time Lapse Photography, Horizontal, Tracking and 120°...
  • 【Versatile & Smooth Camera Slider】This 31.5"/80cm long remote camera slider automatically moves your camera back and forth for professional video...
  • 【Smart Two Way Control】The slider supports both App control (download the NEEWER app) and 2.4G upgraded RT-08 remote control (not included)....
  • 【Powerful yet Silent Motor】The ER1-80 camera slider uses a unique silent stepper motor driver that combines ultra precise positioning with ultra...
  • 【Multiple Shooting Angles】Featuring adjustment knobs on both sides of the slider to achieve different shooting angles, adjust one knob to lower...
  • 【Sturdy yet Lightweight Build】The carbon fiber build guarantees sturdy and stable structure while making the slider lightweight for outdoor...

Editor’s Review

and be compatible with various accessories for versatile shooting options. The slider also comes with a carrying bag for convenient transportation and storage.

Introduction: The NEEWER 31.5″/80cm Motorized Camera Slider is a versatile and smooth camera slider that is designed to enhance your video shooting experience. With its smart two-way control, powerful yet silent motor, multiple shooting angles, and sturdy yet lightweight build, this camera slider is a great addition to your photography equipment.

Versatile & Smooth Camera Slider

The NEEWER 31.5″/80cm Motorized Camera Slider is perfect for professional video shooting. It automatically moves your camera back and forth, adding smooth and professional motion to your videos. The slider has a maximum load capacity of 11lb/5kg when placed horizontally and 5.5lb/2.5kg when tilted up 45¬∞. This allows you to use a wide range of cameras and accessories without worrying about the slider’s performance.

Smart Two Way Control

The slider is designed to offer both app control and a 2.4G upgraded RT-08 remote control. You can easily download the NEEWER app and control the slider’s movements directly from your smartphone. The app provides different modes including manual mode, video mode, and time lapse mode. With the video mode, you can adjust settings such as constant speed, slow start/stop for smooth transitions. The time lapse mode allows you to set a start point and an end point for the slider to automatically move your camera. You can also change settings like frames, video length, interval, shutter speed (APP), and exposure time (remote) for better control of the camera motion.

Powerful yet Silent Motor

The ER1-80 camera slider is equipped with a powerful yet silent stepper motor driver. This unique motor provides ultra-precise positioning combined with ultra-silent operation. This means that you can achieve smooth and noiseless camera movements for your video production. The motor is powered by a 2600mAh NP-F550 lithium-ion battery, which is included in the package. You can also use the USB charger or the 5V 2A type C power jack to connect to a portable charger and power the motor for hours of filming.

Multiple Shooting Angles

The NEEWER camera slider features adjustment knobs on both sides, allowing you to achieve different shooting angles. By adjusting one knob to the lower left and the other to the upper right, you can achieve tracking shots. Setting one knob to the upper left and the other to the lower right enables you to capture stunning 120° panoramas. Both knobs can be resumed to their middle positions for horizontal shots. Additionally, the slider can be placed at a 45° tilt angle or 90° vertically, giving you even more shooting options to explore.

Sturdy yet Lightweight Build

The carbon fiber build of the NEEWER camera slider guarantees a sturdy and stable structure, ensuring reliable performance during your photography sessions. Despite its sturdy construction, the slider remains lightweight, making it suitable for outdoor photography. The slider is designed with four roller bearings, providing extra balance and anti-shake effects to deliver smooth and stable camera movements. It also features 1/4″ and 3/8″ threaded holes at the bottom and on the sides, making it easy to mount on a tripod and be compatible with various accessories for added versatility.


In conclusion, the NEEWER 31.5″/80cm Motorized Camera Slider is a high-quality camera slider that offers versatile shooting options and smooth camera movements. With its smart two-way control, powerful yet silent motor, multiple shooting angles, and sturdy yet lightweight build, it is a reliable tool for professional video shooting and time lapse photography. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, this camera slider will elevate your shooting capabilities and help you capture stunning footage. With its easy-to-use controls and portable design, the NEEWER camera slider is a valuable asset for any photographer or videographer.

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