MOXA NPort IA5250AI Serial Device Server


Product Specification: MOXA NPort IA5250AI 2-Port RS-232/422/485 Serial Device Server with 2 KV Isolation, 10/100MBaseT(X), 1KV Serial Surge

– Number of ports: 2
– Port type: RS-232/422/485
– Isolation: 2 KV
– Network connectivity: 10/100MBaseT(X)
– Surge protection: 1KV Serial Surge

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The MOXA NPort IA5250AI is a 2-port RS-232/422/485 Serial Device Server with 2 KV Isolation. It provides secure and reliable serial-to-Ethernet connectivity for industrial applications. With its 10/100MBaseT(X) interface and 1KV serial surge protection, it offers excellent performance and protection for data transmission.

Design and Build

The NPort IA5250AI is built with a compact and sturdy design, making it suitable for industrial environments. The device server is housed in a rugged metal casing that provides durability and protection against harsh conditions. It features two serial ports that allow for flexible connection options, whether for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 devices.

Easy Installation and Configuration

Setting up the NPort IA5250AI is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface and easy-to-follow instructions. Simply connect the device server to your serial devices and Ethernet network, and you’re ready to go. The device supports several configuration methods, including web-based configuration, Telnet, and Windows utility, providing flexibility for different user preferences.

Advanced Features

This device server offers advanced features that enhance its functionality and performance. One notable feature is the 2 KV electrical isolation, which helps protect connected devices from voltage spikes and electrical disturbances. This is especially crucial in industrial settings where electrical interference is common. Additionally, the 1 KV serial surge protection ensures reliable data transmission even in environments where surges may occur.

Another impressive feature is the support for multiple operating modes, including Real COM, TCP Server/Client, UDP Server/Client, and RFC2217. This allows the NPort IA5250AI to adapt to various application scenarios and provide seamless integration with existing systems.

Secure and Reliable Data Transmission

With its industrial-grade design and advanced features, the NPort IA5250AI ensures secure and reliable data transmission. The device server supports SSL and SSH protocols, providing encryption and authentication to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. It also features built-in watchdog timers and auto-reconnection functions, which help maintain connection stability and eliminate downtime.

Remote Management and Monitoring

The NPort IA5250AI offers remote management and monitoring capabilities, enabling efficient maintenance and troubleshooting. The device server supports SNMP, allowing network administrators to monitor the device’s status, performance, and error logs remotely. It also supports event notification, allowing users to receive email alerts when certain events occur, such as power loss or network disconnection.

Compatibility and Integration

This device server is highly compatible and integrates seamlessly with various operating systems and platforms. It supports Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Additionally, the NPort IA5250AI comes with MOXA’s NPort Real TTY drivers, which provide virtual COM port functionality and simplify integration with existing software.


Overall, the MOXA NPort IA5250AI is a reliable and feature-rich serial device server that brings seamless serial-to-Ethernet connectivity to industrial applications. Its compact and rugged design, along with its advanced features such as electrical isolation and surge protection, ensure secure and reliable data transmission. With easy installation and configuration, remote management capabilities, and compatibility with various operating systems, the NPort IA5250AI offers excellent value for industrial users seeking efficient and dependable serial device connectivity.

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