Moon Aluminum Fire Hose Nozzle, Pistol-Grip, 1″ NH

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Product Specification:
– Model: Moon 512P-10214
– Material: Aluminum
– Type: Fire Hose Nozzle
– Nozzle Type: Pistol-Grip
– Flow Rate: 13 to 60 gpm
– Inlet Size: 1″ NH (National Hose)
– Inlet Type: Threaded
– Corrosion Resistance: Yes
– Tarnish Resistance: Yes
– Adjustment: Straight stream to fog
– Use: Multipurpose
– Grip: Pistol grip for comfort
– On-Off Activation: Handle
– Maximum Pressure Rating: 100 psi
– Maximum Flow Rate: 60 gpm

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Editor’s Review

Product Review: Moon 512P-10214 Aluminum Fire Hose Nozzle


The Moon 512P-10214 Aluminum Fire Hose Nozzle is a versatile firefighting tool that is designed to provide ease of use, comfort, and efficient water flow. With its durable aluminum construction, adjustable spray patterns, and convenient pistol grip, this nozzle aims to be a reliable choice for firefighters and professionals alike. In this comprehensive product review, we will delve into the features, performance, and overall value of the Moon 512P-10214 Fire Hose Nozzle.


Aluminum Construction

One of the standout features of the Moon 512P-10214 Fire Hose Nozzle is its aluminum construction. This material ensures resistance to corrosion and tarnishing, making it ideal for prolonged use in various weather conditions. Additionally, aluminum offers a lightweight feel without compromising strength, making it easier to handle during intense firefighting situations.

Adjustable Spray Patterns

Equipped with an adjustable spray pattern, this nozzle allows for versatile use in different firefighting scenarios. The straight stream setting provides the ability to reach long distances, while the fog setting delivers a wider dispersion useful for extinguishing fires in enclosed spaces. The ease of changing spray patterns on the Moon 512P-10214 nozzle makes it a valuable tool for adapting to the demands of each individual firefighting situation.

Pistol Grip and On-Off Activation

The Moon 512P-10214 Fire Hose Nozzle features a comfortable pistol grip design that reduces hand fatigue during prolonged use. The ergonomic shape fits well in the hand and allows for a firm grip, ensuring precise control over water flow. The built-in handle provides convenient on-off activation, allowing firefighters to quickly and easily control the water flow with simple finger movements. This feature adds an extra level of user-friendliness to the nozzle.

Pressure and Flow Rate

With a maximum pressure rating of 100 psi, the Moon 512P-10214 Fire Hose Nozzle provides the necessary power to combat fires effectively. The combination of its high-pressure capability and a maximum flow rate of 60 gpm ensures that a substantial amount of water is delivered efficiently and rapidly. This nozzle is designed to make firefighting operations more effective, allowing for swift action and efficient use of resources.


In terms of performance, the Moon 512P-10214 Fire Hose Nozzle lives up to its promises. The adjustable spray patterns allow for precise targeting of water, enabling firefighters to effectively control and suppress fires. Whether dealing with large outdoor fires or tackling flames in confined spaces, the nozzle delivers a consistent and reliable stream.

The pistol grip design enhances comfort during prolonged use. The ergonomics of the nozzle make it easy to handle and control, reducing hand strain and fatigue often associated with firefighting equipment. The on-off activation handle enables firefighters to respond swiftly to changing situations, ensuring that water flow can be adjusted quickly and efficiently.

The nozzle’s maximum pressure rating of 100 psi and flow rate of 60 gpm provide ample power to tackle fires effectively. The nozzle maintains a strong and consistent stream, allowing firefighters to quickly bring under control even the most intense blazes. This performance, combined with the durability of its aluminum construction, makes the Moon 512P-10214 Fire Hose Nozzle a reliable and essential tool for firefighting professionals.


The Moon 512P-10214 Fire Hose Nozzle offers excellent value for its price. The durable aluminum construction ensures longevity, providing a reliable tool that can withstand rigorous use and exposure to the elements. Its adjustable spray patterns give versatility, making it suitable for a variety of firefighting scenarios. The comfort of the pistol grip design, along with the convenience of the on-off activation handle, adds value in terms of ease of use and user-friendliness.

Furthermore, the nozzle’s high maximum pressure rating and flow rate deliver exceptional performance, allowing firefighters to combat fires effectively and swiftly. This combination of features, performance, and durability makes the Moon 512P-10214 Fire Hose Nozzle a worthwhile investment for professionals in firefighting and related fields.


In conclusion, the Moon 512P-10214 Aluminum Fire Hose Nozzle stands out as a reliable, versatile, and user-friendly tool for firefighting professionals. Its aluminum construction ensures durability and resistance to corrosion, while the adjustable spray patterns and comfortable pistol grip design provide the versatility and ease of use essential in firefighting operations. With its high pressure rating and flow rate, this nozzle delivers the necessary power to combat fires effectively and efficiently.

The Moon 512P-10214 Fire Hose Nozzle’s exceptional value for its price makes it a worthwhile investment for professionals looking for a durable and functional firefighting tool. Whether facing small fires or more significant challenges, this nozzle is a reliable companion that serves its purpose with excellence.

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