MonsterJam SonUva Digger

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Product Specification:
– Name: MonsterJam SonUva Digger
– Scale: 1:64
– Year: 2021
– Series: 16
– Features: Wheelie Bar

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Editor’s Review


The MonsterJam SonUva Digger (1:64 Scale) with Wheelie Bar from the 2021 Series 16 is a miniature monster truck that packs a punch. With its detailed design and impressive features, this tiny powerhouse promises to provide hours of adrenaline-fueled fun. As an avid collector and fan of MonsterJam, I was excited to add this latest addition to my collection. In this comprehensive product review, I will delve into the various aspects of the SonUva Digger, including its design, performance, durability, and value for money.


The MonsterJam SonUva Digger mini monster truck showcases incredible attention to detail. Its vibrant blue and yellow color scheme with eye-catching graphics enhances its overall aesthetics. The level of intricacy in the design extends to the smaller elements such as the decals, grille, and exhaust pipes, which adds to the realism of the truck. The inclusion of a wheelie bar at the back not only enhances the overall appearance but also offers an added element of excitement during play.

The 1:64 scale of the truck and its compact size make it perfect for displaying or taking it on the go. The materials used in the construction of the SonUva Digger feel sturdy, with no signs of flimsiness. The attention given to replicating the real-life MonsterJam truck is commendable, and it truly stands out as a collector’s item.


Despite its small size, the SonUva Digger delivers an impressive performance when it comes to its functionality. The wheels are made of durable rubber, allowing for smooth rolling on various surfaces. The truck can perform a variety of stunts such as jumps, wheelies, and spins, thanks to its exceptional balance and maneuverability.

The wheelie bar adds an extra dimension to the truck’s performance. When executing a wheelie, the bar prevents the SonUva Digger from tipping over, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable play experience. The suspension system of the truck provides enough flexibility to absorb impacts, making it capable of tackling rough terrains with ease.


One of the most crucial aspects of any toy or collectible is its durability, especially if it is intended for rough play. The MonsterJam SonUva Digger excels in this department. The materials used in its construction feel solid and resistant to wear and tear. I have put this miniature monster truck through its paces on various surfaces, including concrete and dirt, and it has withstood the test of time admirably.

The wheels show no signs of excessive wear, and the body of the truck has remained intact despite numerous crashes and collisions. The paintwork and decals have not faded or peeled off, demonstrating the high-quality craftsmanship of this product. It is evident that this miniature monster truck is built to last, guaranteeing longevity even with continuous rough play.

Value for Money

As an avid collector, one of the crucial factors I consider when purchasing a product is its value for money. The MonsterJam SonUva Digger (1:64 Scale) with Wheelie Bar undoubtedly lives up to expectations. Priced reasonably, it offers great value considering the level of detailing, performance, and durability it offers.

Compared to other miniature monster trucks in the market, the SonUva Digger stands out due to its solid construction, realistic design, and added features such as the wheelie bar. It is a worthy addition to any MonsterJam collection, and it also serves as a great toy for children who enjoy imaginative play and stunts.


In conclusion, the MonsterJam SonUva Digger (1:64 Scale) with Wheelie Bar from the 2021 Series 16 is a fantastic miniature monster truck that exceeds expectations in terms of design, performance, durability, and value for money. Its detailed design and vibrant colors make it a standout in any collection, while its performance capabilities and sturdy construction ensure countless hours of exciting play.

The inclusion of a wheelie bar adds an extra element of fun and excitement, allowing for impressive stunts without compromising the truck’s stability. Whether displayed on a shelf or driven across various terrains, the SonUva Digger delivers on all fronts. As a collector and enthusiast, I highly recommend adding this miniature monster truck to your collection or gifting it to avid MonsterJam fans, both young and old alike.

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