Moman Power 99 Pro


Product Specification:
– V-Mount Battery
– Model: Moman Power 99 Pro
– Capacity: 99Wh/6875mAh
– Outputs: D-TAP, USB-C, USB-A
– Color: Black
– Features: First OLED with Time Display for Camcorder Blackmagic BMPCC Camera LED Light
– Size: Palm-size, portable for on-the-go shooting
– Complies with airline regulations for maximum power allowed to be carried on the plane
– Time display on OLED screen, capturing currents in every 100ms for accurate estimation of remaining film time and charging time
– 65W USB-C Quick Charge capability, can be charged with BP or D-tap adapters or with USB-C cable (included)
– 200W output capacity for multiple devices simultaneously
– Powerful battery core with Unique Balance Cell Algorithm for enhanced performance and longer lifespan (up to 1000 times recycle life)

Moman V Mount Battery, Power 99 Pro V-Lock Portable Battery 99Wh/6875mAh with D-TAP/USB-C/A Output, Premier OLED with Time Display for BMPCC Camcorder,...
  • 🔋【Palm-size with Maximum Power】With 99Wh of high capacity, Moman Power 99 Pro V-Mount battery has the maximum power allowed to be carried on...
  • 🔋【The First Visual Battery with the Time-Display】 Time display is the most requested feature for battery. Capturing currents in every 100ms,...
  • 🔋【65W USB-C Quick Charge】With the upgrade on 65W USB-C slot, you can charge Moman Power 99 Pro through BP or D-tap traditionally with large...
  • 🔋【200W Output for Multiple Devices】With Maximum Continuous Current rating up to 15A, Moman Power 99 Pro is powerful enough for 200 Watts...
  • 🔋【Powerful Battery Core】Moman Power 99/99 Pro is designed with Unique Balance Cell Algorithm, tuning each battery cell to same voltage level...

Editor’s Review


The V-Mount Battery is an essential accessory for professional filmmakers and photographers who rely heavily on their equipment. It provides a portable power source, allowing users to capture their moments without worrying about running out of battery. One notable V-Mount Battery in the market is the Moman Power 99 Pro Micro V Lock Battery. In this review, we will delve into its features and performance to determine if it is a worthy investment for your camera equipment.

Palm-size with Maximum Power

The Moman Power 99 Pro V-Mount battery boasts an impressive 99Wh of high capacity. Despite its compact size, it has the maximum power allowed to be carried on a plane, making it a convenient choice for on-the-go shooting. This battery fits well into most V-Mount fixtures, ensuring compatibility with various camera setups. Its palm-size design adds to its portability, allowing users to easily carry it around and use it in any shooting scenario.

The First Visual Battery with the Time-Display

One highly requested feature for batteries is a time display. The Moman Power 99 Pro V Lock battery is the first in its line to provide this feature. Equipped with an OLED screen, it captures currents every 100ms, offering users a good assumption of the remaining film time and charging time with just a glimpse at the screen. This time display functionality is a game-changer, as it allows filmmakers and photographers to plan their shoots more effectively.

65W USB-C Quick Charge

The Moman Power 99 Pro takes convenience to the next level with its 65W USB-C Quick Charge feature. This upgrade enables users to charge the battery through BP or D-tap traditionally with a large adapter. Alternatively, users can simply use a USB-C cable (included) to charge it, utilizing the same charger they use for their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. This eliminates the need to carry multiple batteries and chargers, streamlining the shooting process.

200W Output for Multiple Devices

Equipped with a maximum continuous current rating of up to 15A, the Moman Power 99 Pro can power multiple devices simultaneously during your shoot. With an impressive 200W output, this V-Mount battery ensures that your equipment receives the necessary power without any interruptions. Whether you are using lights, monitors, or other accessories, this battery can handle the load, providing peace of mind and efficiency on set.

Powerful Battery Core

The Moman Power 99/99 Pro is designed with a unique Balance Cell Algorithm. This algorithm tunes each battery cell to the same voltage level during the charging and discharging process. As a result, the battery’s overall performance is optimized, and its lifespan is extended. With this advanced technology, the Moman Power 99 Pro offers a recycle life of up to 1000 times, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.


In conclusion, the Moman Power 99 Pro Micro V Lock Battery is a reliable and feature-packed V-Mount battery option for photographers and filmmakers. Its compact size, high capacity, and maximum power make it a portable and efficient choice for on-the-go shooting. The time display feature is a standout addition, allowing users to plan their shoots with ease. The 65W USB-C Quick Charge capability eliminates the need for multiple batteries and chargers, further streamlining the shooting process. With the ability to power multiple devices simultaneously and a powerful battery core, the Moman Power 99 Pro is well-suited for professional use. Overall, this V-Mount battery offers convenience, reliability, and versatility, making it a worthy investment for any camera enthusiast.

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