Compass Brothers Vinyl

Specifications Product: Compass Brothers You Reap What You Sow Vinyl Specifications: – Material: Vinyl – Design: Compass Brothers “You Reap What You Sow” artwork – Purpose: Great product for music lovers – Usage: Can be displayed in a music gallery or room – Gift suitability: Ideal to give as a gift to loved ones. Editor’s … Read more

Sony 5-pack MiniDiscs

Specifications Product: Sony Bianca 5-pack 80 Min. MiniDiscs Specification: 1. Brand: Sony 2. Model: Bianca 3. Quantity: 5 MiniDiscs 4. Storage Capacity: 80 minutes per MiniDisc 5. Format: MiniDisc 6. Recording Time: Up to 80 minutes per MiniDisc 7. Type: Recordable 8. Color: Bianca (assumed to be white) 9. Compatibility: Compatible with MiniDisc players and … Read more