Lomography Diana F+ Camera

Specifications Product Specification: – Lomography Diana F+ Medium Format Camera – Flash Electronic Flash with color flash capability – Requires one AA battery – Variable shutter for daytime and unlimited long exposures – Diana Flash works via a two-pronged plug adapter, directly plugging into the Diana F+ camera body – Film format 120 – Includes … Read more

Holga 120 WPC

Specifications – Name: Holga 120 WPC Panoramic Pin Hole Camera – Color: Black – Pinhole Exposure: Allows light to pass through the pinhole directly onto the film, bypassing the need for a lens. – Panoramic View: Provides a wide panoramic view with a horizontal exposure angle of up to 120 degrees. – Aperture: F133. – … Read more

Photography Camera 20oz Fat Tumbler

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Type: Photography Camera – Yet, Despite the Picture From the Camera, You’re Still Talking – Shutterbug Viewfinder Inspirational Quote – Photographer Gift – 20oz Fat Tumbler – Intended Use: Personal use or as a gift – Design: Inspirational quote printed on both sides of the tumbler – Material: Pure ceramic … Read more

EKC Folding Camera

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: Photographica EKC – Type: Vintage Folding Camera – Manufacturer: Harvey Lewis Opticians – Year: 1890 – Features: Folding design – Additional: Name Plate attached to the camera Editor’s Review Introduction The Photographica EKC folding camera with a name plate from Harvey Lewis Opticians is a vintage gem that transports you … Read more