Estink Lawn Soil Scarifier

Specifications Product Specification: – Name: Estink Lawn Soil Scarifier – Type: Handheld Standing Type – Material: Black Galvanised Steel Springs, Coupling – Workmanship: Fine workmanship – Ease of Use: Easy to use, suitable for first-time users – Moss and Weeds Removal: Quick and easy removal of moss and weeds – Aeration: Efficiently aerates the lawn … Read more

GOTOTOP Lawn Aerator Spikes

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: GOTOTOP Lawn Aerator Clamp – Color: Black – Function: Aerating the lawn – Set Includes: 5 clamps with spikes – Assembly: Easy to assemble with provided screws – Material: High-quality iron – Durability: Heavy duty construction for long-lasting use – Compatibility: Can be added to a lawn roller for … Read more

Gardzen Plug Aeration

Specifications Product Specification: – Product: Gardzen Plug Aeration – Type: Hand Hollow Tine Lawn Aerator – Aeration Method: Plug aerator (removes plugs of soil) – Size: 35″ x 11″ – Color: Black – Construction: High-quality steel frame – Finish: Black powder-coated finish – Material Efficiency: Uses fewer materials and resources – Benefits: Loosens soil, allows … Read more

Rock&Rocker 2-in-1 Dethatcher Scarifier, Yellow & Yard Butler ID-6C Manual Lawn Coring Aerator, Gray

Specifications Product 1: Rock&Rocker 2-in-1 16INCH Dethatcher Scarifier, Yellow (REDM16A) Specifications: – 2-IN-1 FUNCTION: Can be used for scarifying or dethatching the thick layer of dead plants – 16” WIDTH: Widest working size of its kind – 15AMP MOTOR: High-power motor with a speed of up to 3600rpm – 2 ADJUSTMENT SYSTEMS: 3-rod handle height … Read more

Tengchang Lawn Aerator Soil Penetrator Spikes

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: Tengchang – Type: Tow Behind Lawn Aerator Soil Penetrator Spikes – Hitch Length: 31.9‚Äù/ 81cm – Distance between Spike Disks: 3.94‚Äù/10cm – Steel Spike Disks: 8 in total – Spike Tips Diameter: 7.09‚Äù/18cm – Penetration Depth: Up to 2″ – Independent Rotation of Spike Disks – Universal Hitch with a … Read more