Manfrotto Junior Geared Tripod Head


Product Specification:
– Product: Manfrotto Junior Geared Tripod Head
– Compatibility: Suitable for 35mm single-lens reflex and medium format cameras
– Precision: Equipped with micrometric knobs and leveling bubble for high precision control in 3 directions
– Safety: Locking system ensures quick and safe movement of axes without technical problems
– Assembly: Quick release function on the 410 plate enables easy and time-saving assembly
– Weight: Lightweight aluminum body weighing 1.22 kg
– Load Capacity: Can hold up to 5 kg of equipment
– Suitable for: Professional photographers, photography equipment

Manfrotto Junior Geared Head (410)
  • Built in quick release
  • Geared head for smooth accurate movement
  • Ideal for SLR and medium format cameras
  • Panoramic Rotation:360
  • English (Publication Language)

Editor’s Review


The Manfrotto Junior Geared Tripod Head is a high-precision fluid head designed for professional photographers. With its maximum precision control in three directions, it offers a reliable and easy-to-use solution for capturing stunning images. In this review, we will explore the features and benefits of this tripod head, highlighting its safe and easy assembly, suitability for various camera types, and its lightweight yet robust construction.

Maximum Precision

One of the standout features of the Manfrotto Junior Geared Tripod Head is its exceptional precision. Equipped with micrometric knobs and a leveling bubble, this head allows for high precision control in three directions. Photographers can adjust the camera’s position effortlessly, ensuring their shots are perfectly framed. Whether it’s tilting, panning, or rotating, the Junior head provides photographers with the accuracy they need to capture their subjects with precision and finesse.

Safe and Easy to Use

Photographers understand the importance of smooth and safe movements when it comes to their equipment. The Manfrotto Junior Geared Tripod Head offers a locking system that enables quick and secure adjustments to the axes. With this system, photographers can move the head quickly and confidently without having to worry about any technical problems. Whether shooting fast-paced action scenes or capturing delicate still-life compositions, the Junior head ensures that the camera stays securely in place, allowing photographers to focus on their craft.

Easy Assembly

When it comes to photography equipment, time is of the essence. The Manfrotto Junior Geared Tripod Head understands this need for efficiency and ease of use. The 410 plate, designed for quick release, enables photographers to assemble and disassemble their equipment effortlessly. No more wasting time on complex assembly processes, allowing photographers to focus on what matters most: capturing exceptional images. Whether setting up for a studio shoot or shooting on location, the easy assembly of the Junior head ensures a seamless workflow.

Suitable for Various Cameras

The Manfrotto Junior Geared Tripod Head is suitable for a wide range of camera types. Whether working with 35mm single-lens reflex cameras or medium format cameras, the Junior head provides exceptional support and stability. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for professional photographers who rely on different camera systems for various projects. With the Junior head, photographers can confidently mount their preferred camera and lens combinations, knowing that their equipment is in capable hands.

Lightweight and Reliable

Despite its robust construction, the Manfrotto Junior Geared Tripod Head remains lightweight and portable. Its aluminum body weighs in at just 1.22 kg, making it easy to carry and transport. This lightweight design is especially advantageous for photographers who are constantly on the move, traveling to different locations for their shoots. Additionally, the Junior head can hold up to 5 kg of equipment, ensuring stability and reliability even when working with heavier camera setups. Photographers can trust the Junior head to support their gear, allowing them to work with confidence and peace of mind.


Overall, the Manfrotto Junior Geared Tripod Head is a remarkable piece of photography equipment that provides maximum precision, safety, and ease of use. Its micrometric knobs, leveling bubble, and locking system guarantee precise control and secure movements in three directions. The quick release function of the 410 plate ensures easy assembly, saving photographers valuable time during setup. With its suitability for various camera types and its lightweight yet reliable construction, the Junior head is the perfect companion for professional photographers. Whether capturing dynamic action shots or meticulously composed still-life images, this tripod head delivers exceptional performance and utmost convenience.

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