Live Water Lilies Rhizomes


Product Specification:
– Type: Live Water Lilies Rhizomes (Tubers)
– Color Options: White, Red, Yellow, Pink (Red)
– Growth Stage: Pre-Grown, ready to plant
– Quantity: 1 Pre-Grown Rhizome per offer
– Note: Tubers, not full grown lilies with pads
– Function: Helps create a natural bio-filter in ponds or patio gardens
– Benefit: Production of oxygen and absorption of carbon dioxide for enhanced water quality
– Guarantee: Arrives alive and healthy
– Longevity: Meant to last for years to come
– Winter Maintenance: Cut back foliage and keep at the bottom of the water garden during winter months
– Cultivation: Grown using the latest technology and facility with digital controlled nursery
– Quality Assurance: Diseases, pest, snail, and algae-free plants.

Live Water Lilies Rhizomes (Tubers) | Pre-Grown Hardy Lilies in White, Red, Yellow, Pink (Red)
  • Drop and Grow - All lilies are pre-grown, just plant in a container and watch them grow!
  • You get 1 pre-grown rhizome with this offer. Please note that this is not a full grown lily with pads, it is a tuber
  • Helps create a natural bio-filter - Aquatic plants will produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide to enhance water quality in your pond or patio...
  • Your perennial hardy water lily is meant to last for years to come. After growing has stopped in the fall, simply cut back foliage and keep your water...
  • Our water plants are grown using the latest technology and facility with a digital controlled nursery to ensure that our plants are diseases pest...

Editor’s Review

Product Review: Live Water Lilies Rhizomes (Tubers)

If you are an aquatic plant enthusiast or looking to enhance the beauty of your pond or patio garden, the Live Water Lilies Rhizomes (Tubers) from our company offer a convenient and hassle-free solution. These pre-grown hardy lilies come in various vibrant colors such as white, red, yellow, and pink. With this “drop and grow” package, you can effortlessly plant them in a container and enjoy watching them thrive.

Arrival Condition and Guarantee

One of the primary concerns when purchasing live plants is their condition upon arrival. With our Live Water Lilies Rhizomes, you can be assured of their excellent condition as we guarantee that they will arrive alive and healthy.

Whether you choose the elegant white lilies, the striking red ones, the cheerful yellow ones, or the charming pink ones, each package includes one pre-grown rhizome. It’s important to note that these rhizomes are not full-grown lilies with pads but rather tubers. This means that they are in their early stage of growth and require proper care to reach their full potential.

Benefits of Aquatic Plants

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, aquatic plants, including water lilies, play a crucial role in creating a natural bio-filter in your pond or patio garden. They contribute to enhancing the water quality by producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. This not only benefits the plants themselves but also creates a healthier environment for the aquatic life in your pond.

Longevity and Winter Maintenance instructions

When you invest in our Live Water Lilies Rhizomes, you are acquiring a perennial hardy water lily that is meant to last for years to come. These robust plants have the endurance to withstand various weather conditions and will continue to bloom season after season.

To ensure the longevity of your water lilies, it is essential to provide proper care during winter months. Once the growing season in the fall comes to an end, simply cut back the foliage and keep your water lily at the bottom of your water garden. This will provide it with the necessary protection to survive the winter months.

Growing Process and Technology

Our company is committed to delivering high-quality plants by utilizing the latest technology and facilities. Our live water lilies are grown in a digital-controlled nursery, ensuring optimal conditions for their growth. The controlled environment guarantees that our plants are free from diseases, pests, snails, and algae.

Planting and Care Instructions

Planting and caring for your Live Water Lilies Rhizomes is a straightforward process. Here are the essential steps to ensure their successful growth:

1. Choose a suitable container: Select a container that is wide and shallow, allowing enough space for the lily to spread its roots and leaves.

2. Fill the container: Fill the container with a specialized aquatic soil or a mixture of loamy soil and clay. Ensure that the soil is compressed enough to hold the rhizome securely.

3. Place the rhizome: Gently place the rhizome in the center of the container. Position it horizontally and cover it with a layer of soil, leaving the crown exposed.

4. Add water: Slowly add water to the container until it reaches a level that covers the rhizome. Ensure that the water level is maintained and does not go below the crown of the lily.

5. Provide sunlight: Position the container in an area where your water lily can receive at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. This will aid in its photosynthesis and overall growth.

6. Maintenance: Regularly monitor the water level and ensure that it does not evaporate completely. Additionally, remove any dead leaves or debris that may accumulate on the water’s surface.

7. Fertilizing: It is recommended to provide your water lilies with a slow-release aquatic fertilizer during the growing season to promote healthy growth and vibrant blooms.

With proper care and maintenance, your Live Water Lilies Rhizomes will flourish, adding beauty and tranquility to your pond or patio garden.


In conclusion, the Live Water Lilies Rhizomes (Tubers) offer a convenient and attractive option for adding aquatic plants to your pond or patio garden. With their diverse colors and easy-to-grow nature, these pre-grown hardy lilies are a wonderful addition to any aquatic landscape.

The guaranteed arrival condition ensures that you receive healthy and thriving rhizomes, ready to be planted and enjoyed. Their ability to act as a natural bio-filter contributes to maintaining a healthy environment for aquatic life. With proper winter maintenance and adherence to the provided planting and care instructions, your Live Water Lilies Rhizomes are sure to thrive for years to come.

Invest in our Live Water Lilies Rhizomes today and experience the beauty and benefits of these magnificent aquatic plants firsthand.

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