LimoStudio Heavy Duty Photo Studio Adjustable Muslin Backdrop Stands, Background Backdrop Support Kit


Product Specification:
– Brand: LimoStudio
– Model: AGG2862
– Product Type: Photo Studio Adjustable Muslin Backdrop Stands
– Dimensions: 10′ x 9.6′ (Width x Height)
– Weight Capacity: Up to 30 lb
– Tripod Stands: 2 included
– Width Adjustability: Can be adjusted from 5 ft to 10 ft
– Height Adjustability: Can be adjusted up to 9.4 ft
– Included Accessories: 4 Super Clamps, 4 Backdrop Holders, 2 Sandbags, Carrying Case Bag
– Purpose: Used in photo/video studios or photo booths for filming
– Portability: Easy to assemble/disassemble and includes a portable carry bag for easy storage
– Material: Heavy Duty construction for durability

LimoStudio 10' x 10' (W x H) Upgrade New Heavy Duty Backdrop Stands, Background Support System, Metal Cap Tripod, Shock Proof & Anti-Slip Rubber, Complete Accessory, Photo...
  • ▶️ 【CONTENTS】 (4 x) Interlocking Crossbars / (2 x) Support Side Stands / (2 x) Sand Bags / (4 x) Spring Clamps / (4 x) Elastic String Backdrop...
  • ▶️ 【SPECIFICATIONS】 Height: Max 10 ft. High & Min 3 ft. / Width: Max 10 ft. Wide & Min 5 ft. / 10 lbs Product Weight (4.5 kg)
  • ▶️ 【FEATURES 1】 New Upgraded Model Support Stands: 1. Metal Cap Head for Secure Crossbar Support / 2. Thicker Pole Diameter for Higher...
  • ▶️ 【FEATURES 2】 Enhanced Crossbars: 4. Increased Diameter Size for No Wobbles & No Bending / 5. Increased Loading Capacity 45 lbs, Compared to...
  • ▶️ 【ACCESSORIES】 Spring Clamps: Movable Flexible Teeth, Strong Clamping, Round Comfortable Grip Design / Elastic Clips: Helps Backdrop Stay...
  • ▶️ 【NOTE】 The load that the connected crossbars can withstand is limited. Please do not hang too heavy objects and use sandbags to increase...

Editor’s Review

LimoStudio 10′ x 9.6′ (W x H) Heavy Duty Photo Studio Adjustable Muslin Backdrop Stands: A Comprehensive Review


Photography enthusiasts and professionals alike understand the importance of having reliable equipment to enhance their craft. One essential tool is a sturdy backdrop stand that provides support for capturing stunning photos and videos. The LimoStudio 10′ x 9.6′ Heavy Duty Photo Studio Adjustable Muslin Backdrop Stands claim to offer just that. In this comprehensive review, we will analyze the features, performance, and overall value of this product.


The LimoStudio Adjustable Muslin Backdrop Stands are specifically designed to meet the needs of photo/video studios and photo booths. They serve as a reliable support system for various types of backdrops, enhancing the quality of images and videos produced. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a seasoned professional, these stands aim to provide the necessary stability for your projects.

Stand Strength

One of the key features of the LimoStudio backdrop stands is their impressive weight capacity. Each stand can hold up to 30 lb, making them suitable for a wide range of backdrops. The inclusion of two tripod stands ensures extra stability, even when working with heavier materials. This strength is vital for professionals who deal with elaborate setups or those who opt for heavier backdrops.

Width and Height Adjustability

Flexibility is crucial when it comes to backdrop stands, as different projects require different dimensions. The LimoStudio stands offer an adjustable width and height to accommodate various setup requirements. When using only one top bar, the width remains at 5 ft, but connecting all the bars allows for an impressive 10 ft width. This versatility is ideal for photographers who require different backdrop sizes for their shoots.

Additionally, the height of the stands can be adjusted using the three knobs on each stand. The stands can be extended up to an impressive 9.4 ft, ensuring a wide range of shooting options. Whether you need a tall backdrop for a full-body portrait or a lower one for a close-up, these stands deliver the desired height adjustment.

Included Accessories

To further enhance the user experience, the LimoStudio backdrop stands come with a range of useful accessories. A set of four super clamps is included, providing secure attachment of backdrops to the top bar of the stands. This ensures that your backdrop remains in place throughout your shoot, minimizing any interruptions.

To prevent sagging or wrinkling of the backdrop, four backdrop holders are included. These holders can be easily attached to the stands, providing additional support and stability. This attention to detail ensures that your backdrops are displayed professionally, without any distractions.

Two sandbags are included in the package to enhance the stability of the stands. These sandbags can be conveniently placed on the legs of the stands, preventing any swaying or movement. This feature is particularly beneficial for outdoor shoots, where wind can potentially affect stability. The sandbags provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot.

Portability and Ease of Use

The LimoStudio backdrop stands are designed with convenience in mind. Assembling and disassembling the stands is a straightforward process, making them easy to set up and pack away. The stands can be disassembled into separate components, ensuring minimal volume when storing or transporting them.

For added convenience, a portable carry bag is included with the stands. This bag can accommodate all the disassembled components and accessories, providing a compact solution for transportation. Whether you have an on-location shoot or need to transport your equipment for a client meeting, the included carrying case makes it hassle-free.


– Impressive weight capacity of 30 lb per stand
– Adjustable width up to 10 ft, offering versatility for various projects
– Height adjustment up to 9.4 ft, catering to different shooting requirements
– Secure attachment with included super clamps and backdrop holders
– Stability enhanced with sandbags, preventing any movement
– Portable and easy to set up, with a carrying case for convenient transportation


– May not be suitable for extremely heavy backdrops
– Some users may find the height adjustment knobs slightly challenging to use initially


The LimoStudio 10′ x 9.6′ Heavy Duty Photo Studio Adjustable Muslin Backdrop Stands offer an impressive array of features and accessories that enhance the photography experience. With their sturdy construction, adjustable width and height, and inclusion of super clamps, backdrop holders, sandbags, and a carrying case, these stands cater to the needs of both amateurs and professionals.

While they may not be suitable for extremely heavy backdrops, their weight capacity of 30 lb per stand provides ample support for most standard materials. Additionally, the height adjustment knobs may require some practice to operate smoothly, but once mastered, they offer a wide range of shooting options.

In conclusion, the LimoStudio backdrop stands deliver on their promises of reliability, flexibility, and convenience. They are an excellent investment for photographers and videographers who need a durable and versatile support system for their backdrops.

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