Light Meter LX-1262V Digital Lux Meter

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Product Specification:

– Product Name: Light Meter LX-1262V Digital Lux Meter
– Measuring Range: 0 Lux to 500,000 Lux
– Resolution: High resolution for accurate measurements
– Parameters: Measures Lux (lumens per square meter) and FC (foot-candles)
– Measurement Display: Digital display for exact reading without any guessing or errors
– Light Sensor: Separate light sensor for optimal measurement positioning
– Max Value Hold Function: Function to hold and display the maximum measured value
– Measurement Unit: Lux (lumens per square meter) and FC (foot-candles)
– Power Source: Requires battery or power supply (not mentioned in the information provided)
– Other Features: Wide measuring range, precise measurements, portable design.

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Editor’s Review


The Light Meter LX-1262V Digital Lux Meter is a cutting-edge device designed for accurate measurement of light intensity. With a wide measuring range of up to 500,000 Lux and high resolution capabilities, this light meter is perfect for professionals in various fields such as photography, cinematography, interior design, and architectural analysis. In this comprehensive product review, we will explore the features, benefits, and performance of the LX-1262V Digital Lux Meter.

Multi-Parameter Measurement

One of the standout features of the LX-1262V is its ability to measure light intensity in both Lux and FC (Foot-Candle). Lux is the standard unit for measuring illuminance, while FC is often preferred in certain industries such as photography. The multi-parameter measurement capability of this light meter makes it a versatile tool for professionals who work in different units of measurement.

Digital Display for Accurate Readings

With its digital display, the LX-1262V provides precise readings with no room for guessing or errors. The clear and easy-to-read display ensures that professionals can quickly and accurately determine the light intensity in their environment. This feature no longer requires users to rely on analog meters, which may be prone to human errors and reading inaccuracies.

Optimum Position Measurement

The LX-1262V comes with a separate light sensor that can be positioned independently from the main unit. This allows users to take measurements at the optimum position, ensuring accurate and reliable readings. The flexibility provided by the separate light sensor is especially beneficial for professionals working in photography studios, where lighting conditions need to be assessed from different angles and positions.

Wide Measuring Range and High Resolution

One of the standout features of the LX-1262V is its wide measuring range of up to 500,000 Lux. This wide range allows professionals to measure light intensity in various environments, ranging from dimly lit rooms to brightly illuminated outdoor spaces. Additionally, with high resolution capabilities, this light meter can capture even the subtlest changes in light intensity, making it highly accurate and dependable.

Max Value Hold Function

The LX-1262V is equipped with a convenient max value hold function. This feature allows users to capture and hold the highest measured value on the display, even if the intensity decreases after the initial measurement. This ensures that professionals can easily determine the peak light intensity in a given environment without having to constantly monitor the display or take multiple readings.

Performance and Ease of Use

The LX-1262V Digital Lux Meter excels in both performance and ease of use. Its highly sensitive light sensor provides accurate readings, and the digital display ensures that the information is easily visible and accessible. The separate light sensor adds to the convenience, allowing users to measure light intensity from different positions without compromising accuracy.

Additionally, the lightweight and ergonomic design of the LX-1262V make it comfortable to hold and operate for extended periods of time. The intuitive control buttons and menu system further enhance the ease of use, ensuring that professionals can quickly navigate through the various functions and settings of the light meter.


In conclusion, the Light Meter LX-1262V Digital Lux Meter is an exceptional device for professionals in need of accurate and reliable measurements of light intensity. With its wide measuring range, high resolution, multi-parameter measurement capability, and max value hold function, this light meter offers exceptional performance and convenience.

Whether you are a photographer, cinematographer, interior designer, or engaged in architectural analysis, the LX-1262V Digital Lux Meter is a valuable tool that will greatly enhance your workflow and ensure precise results. Invest in the LX-1262V and experience the difference it makes in your profession.

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