LED Light Blocking Stickers


Product: FLANCCI LED Light Blocking Stickers
– Type: Light Dimming LED Filters
– Quantity: 6 Sheets per pack
– Sheet Size: 4 x 8 inches
– Contents: 3 cutout stickers, same as the picture + 3 uncut stickers
– Dimming Level: Dim 50% ~ 80% of LED lights and electronic products
– Easy to Use: Peel and stick anywhere desired
– Extra Dimming: Double stick the light for more dimming
– Stickiness: Sticky enough to stay in place until removal
– Custom Dimming: Stack two or three stickers for increased dimming
– Versatile Use: Can be used to cover or dim LED lights on various devices
– Cut Shapes and Sizes: Circles ranging from 1/4 to 3/4 inch, squares from 1/4 to 2 inches.

FLANCCI LED Light Blocking Stickers, Light Dimming LED Filters, (6 Sheets) Dimming Sheets for Routers, LED Covers Blackout, Dimming 50% ~ 80% of LED Lights (6Sheets = 3 Cut...
  • ✅ 6 Sheets Per Pack - Includes Six Sheets, Three cutout same as the picture and three uncut that you can cut it as you want.
  • ✅ Cover Annoying Lights - This dimming Stickers will dim 50% ~ 80% of the LED lights and any electronic products and helps you sleep quick and deep.
  • ✅ Easy to Use - Just Peel it and it will Stick anywhere you want. Each sticker dim about 50%, for more dimming you can double stick the light.
  • ✅ Sticky Enough - It can Stick anywhere you want and it will not peel off until you want to take it off. For more dimming you can tack two or three...
  • ✅ Work for anything - You can use it to cover or dimming the LED lights on alarm clocks, routers, controllers or any electronic devices.
  • ✅ Different Size and shapes cut - Circles from 1/4 to 3/4 inch. Squares from 1/4 to 2 inches. the whole sheet is 4 x 8 inches.

Editor’s Review

FLANCCI LED Light Blocking Stickers: A Product Review


In this modern era of LED lights and electronic devices, it’s no surprise that people often struggle with excessive brightness and annoying lights in their environment. Whether it’s the bright LED lights on alarm clocks, routers, or controllers, these lights can disrupt our sleep and make it difficult to relax. The FLANCCI LED Light Blocking Stickers aim to provide a solution to this problem by dimming 50% to 80% of LED lights, easing your way into a deep and peaceful sleep. This product review will delve into the features, usage, and effectiveness of these LED light dimming stickers.

Packaging and Contents

Upon purchasing the FLANCCI LED Light Blocking Stickers, you will receive a pack consisting of six sheets. The pack is thoughtfully designed, containing three sheets with predetermined cutouts resembling those shown in the pictures and three uncut sheets that allow you to customize the dimming stickers as per your requirements. This variety of options ensures that these light-blocking stickers can be universally used regardless of the LED lights’ shape or size.

Dimming Capability

The primary purpose of FLANCCI LED Light Blocking Stickers is to dim or block the overwhelming brightness emitted by LED lights. The stickers do an excellent job of dimming the light by an impressive 50% to 80%, making it much more comfortable to be in their presence. Whether it’s the irritatingly bright LED lights on an alarm clock disturbing your sleep or the disruptive lights on a router, these stickers come to the rescue. The dimming effect not only facilitates a quick and deep sleep but also makes it easier to concentrate on tasks without being constantly distracted by bright lights.

Ease of Use

One of the standout features of these LED light dimming stickers is their simplicity of use. Using them is as easy as peeling off the backing and sticking them wherever desired. Each sticker provides approximately 50% dimming, but for those seeking further darkness, these stickers can be double-stuck to achieve a higher level of dimness. This flexibility ensures that users can adjust the level of brightness according to their individual preferences, allowing for a personalized experience.

Adhesive Quality

To effectively serve their purpose, it’s important for light-blocking stickers to have a strong adhesive quality. FLANCCI LED Light Blocking Stickers fulfill this requirement admirably. They can be stuck anywhere without fear of peeling off unintentionally. The adhesive is strong enough to withstand normal usage and will stay intact until you decide to remove it. For additional dimming requirements, it is possible to layer two or three stickers on top of each other securely, further enhancing the effectiveness of these light-blocking stickers.


While primarily designed for use on LED lights, these light-blocking stickers are incredibly versatile and can be applied to any electronic device emitting unpleasant brightness. Whether it be your alarm clock, router, controller, or any other electronic gadget, the FLANCCI LED Light Blocking Stickers will provide the desired dimming effect. This versatility ensures that you can create a peaceful environment tailored to your needs, no matter which electronic device might be the culprit for your sleepless nights.

Different Sizes and Shapes

To accommodate the diverse range of LED lights and electronic devices, the FLANCCI LED Light Blocking Stickers come in various sizes and shapes. The pack includes circles ranging from 1/4 to 3/4 inch in diameter and squares from 1/4 to 2 inches on each side. This variety enables users to choose the perfect size and shape to cover or dim their LED lights effectively. Furthermore, the entire sheet measures 4 x 8 inches, providing ample material to cater to different requirements.


The FLANCCI LED Light Blocking Stickers offer a practical and effective solution for anyone struggling with bright and annoying LED lights. With their ability to dim LED lights by 50% to 80%, these stickers provide a path to a deep and restful sleep. The ease of use, strong adhesive, and versatile nature make these stickers a valuable addition to any household. Whether you want to dim the alarm clock lights or control the brightness of your router, these stickers offer a customizable experience. With different sizes and shapes to choose from, FLANCCI LED Light Blocking Stickers ensure a perfect fit for any LED light or electronic device. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to peaceful darkness with the FLANCCI LED Light Blocking Stickers.

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