LCD Screen Replacement for DELL Latitude 5520


Product Specification:
– Product: LCD Screen Replacement
– Compatible Model: DELL Latitude 5520, 5510, 5500, 5501 (Non-touch)
– Screen Size: 15.6 inch
– Resolution: FHD 1920×1080
– Connector: 30 Pins
– Display Type: LED Non-Touch IPS
– Compatibility: 30Pin for Non-Touch
– Important Note: Please check your laptop model before purchasing. If uncertain, contact seller with specific model information or provide a photo of the label on the back of the original screen.
– Internal screen model may vary, and a compatible screen model will be sent randomly. To request a specific model, contact seller via email before ordering.
– Returns, exchanges, or refunds are possible. Contact seller for assistance and to discuss a satisfactory solution.

LCD Screen Replacement for DELL Latitude 5520 5510 5500 FHD 1920X1080P LED Non-Touch IPS Display (30Pin for Non-Touch)
  • Compatible Model: For DELL Latitude 5520 5510 5500 5501 Non-touch
  • Size:15.6 inch, Resoluiton: FHD 1920x1080 , Connector: 30 Pins
  • Please check your laptop model before you purchase. If you don't know whether it is the correct item you need, please contact us with specific model...
  • Please NOTE that for the same product, the internal screen model of the laptop may be different. We will randomly send a compatible screen model, if...
  • If you are not satisfied with our products and want to return,exchange products or refund, please contact us first.We always try our best to provide...

Editor’s Review

The Product Specification

The LCD screen replacement for DELL Latitude 5520 5510 5500 is a high-quality display option for your laptop. It offers a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080, ensuring crisp and clear visuals. The screen size is 15.6 inches, making it suitable for a range of tasks including work, gaming, and multimedia consumption. The connector used is a 30-pin connector, specifically designed for non-touch laptops.


This LCD screen replacement is compatible with the following DELL Latitude models: 5520, 5510, 5500, and 5501. It is important to verify your laptop model before making a purchase to ensure compatibility. If you are unsure about which screen you need, you can contact the seller with your specific model or provide a photo of the label on the back of your original screen. This will help you receive the correct product for your device.

Variation in Internal Screen Model

It is worth noting that for the same product, the internal screen model of your laptop may vary. When purchasing this LCD screen replacement, the seller will send a compatible screen model randomly. However, if you require a specific screen model, it is recommended to email the seller and confirm before placing your order. This will help you receive the exact product you desire and avoid any potential compatibility issues.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the seller. If you are unsatisfied with the product or require assistance, it is recommended to contact the seller first. They always strive to provide a satisfactory solution for their customers. Whether you need to return, exchange, or request a refund, the seller will work with you to ensure your requirements are met.


Installing a new LCD screen replacement may require technical knowledge and experience. If you are unfamiliar with laptop repairs, it is recommended to seek professional assistance to ensure proper installation and avoid any damage to your device. However, if you are confident in your abilities and would like to attempt the installation yourself, there are resources available online such as tutorials and guides to assist you.

Quality and Performance

The LCD screen replacement for DELL Latitude 5520 5510 5500 offers excellent quality and performance. With its Full HD resolution and IPS display technology, it delivers sharp and vibrant visuals with wide viewing angles. Whether you are working on documents, watching videos, or playing games, the screen provides a satisfying experience.


The LCD screen replacement is built to be durable and long-lasting. It is constructed using high-quality materials to withstand everyday use and potential impacts. However, it is important to handle the screen with care and avoid subjecting it to unnecessary stress or pressure to ensure its longevity.


  • Full HD resolution for sharp and clear visuals
  • IPS display technology for vibrant colors and wide viewing angles
  • Compatibility with multiple DELL Latitude models
  • 30-pin connector for easy installation on non-touch laptops
  • Seller’s commitment to customer satisfaction and support
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use


  • Random selection of the internal screen model may not meet specific preferences
  • Installation may require technical knowledge or professional assistance

Final Verdict

The LCD screen replacement for DELL Latitude 5520 5510 5500 is a reliable option for those in need of a high-quality display for their laptop. With its Full HD resolution and IPS display technology, it offers sharp visuals and vibrant colors. Despite the potential variation in the internal screen model, the seller is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and support. It is important to ensure compatibility and seek professional assistance if needed during installation. Overall, this LCD screen replacement provides value for money and enhances the visual experience on compatible DELL Latitude laptops.

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