LanParte-Fans Camera Rig


Product specification for LanParte-Fans Sony A7 Series Deluxe Camera Rig for Cinematographer:

– Compatibility: Designed for A7 series cameras
– Rig Components:
1. Dovetail Baseplate: Included in the rig for secure attachment and stability of the camera
2. Power Distribution: Allows for efficient power supply to the camera and additional accessories
3. Follow Focus: Provides precise focusing control while shooting
– Full Rig: Offers a comprehensive setup for cinematographers, ensuring stability, power management, and accurate focusing capabilities
– Build Quality: Ensure high-quality construction and materials for durability and professional use.

LanParte-Fans Sony A7 Series Deluxe Camera Rig for Cinematographer
  • Full rig for A7 series cameras including dovetail baseplate, power distribution and follow focus

Editor’s Review


The LanParte-Fans Sony A7 Series Deluxe Camera Rig is a fantastic tool for cinematographers looking to utilize the full potential of their A7 series cameras. With its dovetail baseplate, power distribution, and follow focus, this deluxe camera rig offers a comprehensive solution for capturing professional-grade footage.

Dovetail Baseplate

One standout feature of this camera rig is the included dovetail baseplate. This baseplate provides a secure and stable mounting platform for your A7 series camera, allowing you to confidently capture footage without worrying about stability issues. The dovetail design ensures that your camera will remain securely attached to the baseplate, even during intense filming sessions or rapid movements.

The dovetail baseplate also offers versatility in terms of mounting options. It features multiple 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded holes, allowing you to attach additional accessories such as external monitors, microphones, or articulating arms. This flexibility ensures that you can customize your rig to suit your specific needs, maximizing your potential for creativity and efficiency on set.

Power Distribution

Another impressive aspect of the LanParte-Fans Sony A7 Series Deluxe Camera Rig is its power distribution capabilities. Cinematographers often face the challenge of managing power for multiple accessories, such as lights, monitors, and wireless transmitters. With this camera rig, you can easily power all your accessories through the built-in power distribution box.

The power distribution box offers a variety of power outputs, including 12V, 7.2V, and 5V, accommodating a wide range of devices. This eliminates the need for multiple batteries or external power sources, streamlining your setup and reducing the clutter and confusion on set. The efficient power distribution system ensures that your accessories receive a stable and reliable power supply, preventing any potential disruptions during your shoot.

Follow Focus

One of the most crucial elements of a high-quality camera rig is the follow focus system, and the LanParte-Fans Sony A7 Series Deluxe Camera Rig does not disappoint in this regard. This rig comes equipped with a precise and smooth follow focus mechanism, allowing you to achieve accurate and professional focus pulls effortlessly.

The follow focus unit features an adjustable marking disc, enabling you to set precise focus points and easily reproduce them during challenging shots. The gear-driven design provides smooth and accurate focus adjustments, giving you full control over the depth of field and ensuring that your shots are perfectly in focus. Whether you are shooting fast-paced action scenes or capturing intimate close-ups, this follow focus system will help you achieve professional-grade results.

Build Quality and Ergonomics

In terms of build quality, the LanParte-Fans Sony A7 Series Deluxe Camera Rig excels. It is constructed from durable and lightweight materials, ensuring both longevity and ease of use. The aluminum alloy components make the rig sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of daily use while remaining conveniently lightweight for comfortable handheld shooting.

The rig’s ergonomic design is also worth mentioning. It features an adjustable shoulder pad, providing excellent support and allowing for extended periods of comfortable operation. The handles are ergonomically shaped, ensuring a secure grip and minimizing hand fatigue during long shooting sessions. The overall design of the rig prioritizes user comfort and ease of operation, making it a pleasure to use on set.


The LanParte-Fans Sony A7 Series Deluxe Camera Rig is a valuable investment for cinematographers seeking a comprehensive solution for their A7 series cameras. With its dovetail baseplate, power distribution system, and follow focus, this deluxe rig provides everything you need to capture professional-grade footage. The sturdy build quality, versatile mounting options, and ergonomic design make it a reliable and user-friendly tool for any cinematographer. Whether you are shooting a documentary, a commercial, or a feature film, this camera rig will undoubtedly elevate your filming experience and help you achieve exceptional results.

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