Lallisa Plant Watering Globes


Product Specification:
– Product Name: Lallisa 6 Pcs Plant Watering Globes
– Design: Rose Shape
– Material: Hand Blown Clear Glass
– Package Contents: 6 pieces of self watering globes
– Diameter: 3.15 inches/ 8 cm
– Total Height: 10.24 inches/ 26 cm
– Water Capacity: Maximum of 250 ml
– Function: Automatic plant watering device
– Usage Duration: Up to 3 to 10 days
– Suitable for: Indoor and outdoor potted plants
– Transparent design for easy water level monitoring
– Convenient and easy to use
– Suitable for garden decoration and gifting purposes

Lallisa 6 Pcs Plant Watering Globes Self Watering Hand Blown Clear Glass Bulbs Plant Automatic Watering Device Garden Waterer for Indoor Outdoor (Colorful)
  • Package Contents: you will receive 6 pieces of self watering globes for indoor plants in rose shapes, measuring about 3.15 inches/ 8 cm in diameter,...
  • Self Watering Devices: you don't have to worry about watering your plants when you're away on holiday, automatic plant watering devices can...
  • Saving Your Time and Energy: clear glass watering globes can keep plants from drowning due to over watering and automatically water your plants for up...
  • Easy to Add Water: the transparent design of watering globes for plants allows you to easily see the amount of water and reminds you when to refill,...
  • Convenient to Use: self watering devices for plants are easy to use, you just put water in the automatic rose shape watering globes, dig a hole in the...

Editor’s Review


Keeping plants hydrated and healthy can be a challenge, especially when you are away on vacation. The Lallisa 6 Pcs Plant Watering Globes are here to offer a convenient solution. These hand-blown clear glass bulbs are designed to automatically water your plants, ensuring they receive the right amount of moisture even when you are not around. With their rose-shaped design and easy-to-use features, these self-watering globes are a must-have for any plant lover.


The package contains 6 pieces of self-watering globes, each in a charming rose shape. These globes measure approximately 3.15 inches in diameter and have a total height of 10.24 inches. Each globe can hold up to 250 ml of water, providing ample hydration for your beloved plants. The package offers a sufficient quantity to meet your daily use and replacement needs, making it a great value for money.

Self Watering Devices

One of the standout features of the Lallisa Plant Watering Globes is their automatic watering capability. You no longer have to worry about manually watering your plants, especially when you are away from home. These self-watering devices can release the right amount of water back into the soil as it dries out, ensuring your plants receive consistent hydration. This feature is incredibly beneficial for plant health, preventing both under and over-watering.

Saving Time and Energy

The Lallisa Plant Watering Globes are excellent time and energy-saving tools. With these globes, you can say goodbye to the hassle of daily plant watering. These globes can automatically water your plants for up to 3 to 10 days, depending on the plant’s water requirements. This makes them perfect for those who travel frequently or have a busy schedule. You can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that your plants will stay hydrated even when you’re not around.

Easy Water Refill

Refilling the Lallisa Plant Watering Globes is a breeze, thanks to their transparent design. The clear glass enables you to easily see the water level, allowing you to know when it’s time for a refill. This feature saves you from the guesswork and ensures your plants never go without water. Whether you have indoor potted plants or an outdoor garden, these watering globes are suitable for all types of plant care needs. Additionally, their rose shape adds a touch of elegance and beauty to your plant display.

Convenience at its Best

The Lallisa Plant Watering Globes are incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is fill the globes with water, then dig a hole in the soil and insert the watering device. The globes will gradually release water into the soil as needed, keeping your plants healthy and vibrant. This convenience allows you to focus on other tasks or enjoy your vacation without any worries about plant watering.

Benefits of Self-Watering Globes

Self-watering globes like the Lallisa Plant Watering Globes offer several advantages for plant care. Firstly, they prevent waterlogging and overwatering, which are common causes of plant damage and root rot. The automatic release system ensures that plants receive just the right amount of water, promoting healthy growth.

Secondly, these globes are perfect for those who tend to forget to water their plants or have a busy lifestyle. With these devices, you can ensure your plants stay hydrated even if you have a hectic schedule. This feature is particularly useful for individuals who frequently travel or have multiple plants to care for.

Moreover, the Lallisa Plant Watering Globes are aesthetically pleasing. Their rose shape adds a delightful touch to your plants, enhancing your indoor or outdoor decor. They not only serve a functional purpose but also double as charming plant accessories.


If you are looking for a reliable and convenient way to keep your plants hydrated, the Lallisa 6 Pcs Plant Watering Globes are an excellent choice. With their automatic watering capability, these globes ensure your plants stay healthy and vibrant even when you are away. The transparent design allows for easy refilling, while the rose shape adds a touch of elegance to your plant display. Say goodbye to the hassle of daily plant watering and enjoy the benefits of self-watering devices with the Lallisa Plant Watering Globes.

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