Lake Effect Pools ‘Impressions’ Above Ground Swimming Pool


Product Specification:
– Brand: Lake Effect Pools
– Model: Impressions
– Pool Type: Above Ground Swimming Pool
– Pool Shape: Round
– Pool Size: 24 feet in diameter
– Wall Height: 48 inches
– Material: Resin coated steel walls
– Wall Protection: Hot dip galvanized for rust protection
– Liner Type: Caribbean pattern
– Liner Material: North American cut material
– Liner Features: Hand-folded to prevent creasing and wrinkling
– Liner Preparation: Requires warming up in the sun before installation
– Installation Temperature: Recommended between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit
– All-Year Ready: Designed to remain in place year-round
– Easy Installation: Exact-fit components to lock out corrosion
– Stabilizer Rails: Interlocking stabilizer rails for added stability
– Coping Strips: Coping strips to secure the liner in place
– Pool Use: Ideal for family time, fitness, and social gatherings
– Delivery: Freight service delivery with scheduled appointment
– Inspection: Recommended to inspect for damages before signing
– Liftgate Service: Complimentary liftgate service for curbside delivery
– Note: Liner and skimmer shipped separately from the pool.

Lake Effect Pools 'Impressions' 24' Foot Round Above Ground Swimming Pool | 48" Inch Height | Caribbean Overlap Liner and Widemouth Skimmer Bundle | Resin Protected Steel...
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Editor’s Review


The Lake Effect Pools ‘Impressions’ 24′ Foot Round Above Ground Swimming Pool is a high-quality pool that offers a beautiful Caribbean pattern liner and a resin-coated steel wall for maximum durability. Designed to remain in place all year round, this pool provides a fun and safe gathering place for family and friends. In this product review, we will explore the various features of this pool and discuss its benefits.

Resin Coated Steel Wall

One of the standout features of the Lake Effect Pools ‘Impressions’ pool is its super strong steel wall that has been hot dip galvanized for protection. This coating ensures that the wall is resistant to rusting, prolonging its lifespan and durability. The copper bearing steel used in the wall provides an added layer of strength, making this pool a long-lasting investment.

Beautiful Caribbean Pattern Liner

The Caribbean pattern liner is a delightful addition to this above ground pool. It features a depiction of exotic fish swimming around the pool, creating a visually appealing and enjoyable environment. The liner is made from a North American cut material, which is hand-folded to prevent permanent creasing and excess wrinkling. To ensure a snug fit, it is recommended to lay the liner out in the sun for at least one hour before installation.

All Year Ready

The Impressions aboveground swimming pool is designed to remain in place throughout the year. Its 48″ wall height provides stability and security, making it the perfect option for those looking for a long-term pool solution. The pool’s exact-fit components and interlocking stabilizer rails and coping strips lock out corrosion and keep the liner securely in place. This eliminates the need for constant adjustments or maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your pool worry-free.

Stay Cool and Have Fun

Owning a swimming pool brings a multitude of benefits, and the Lake Effect Pools ‘Impressions’ pool is no exception. With this pool, you can enhance family time, promote fitness, and create a social magnet for your friends and neighbors. The pool’s large size and inviting design make it the ideal gathering place to stay cool, relax, and have fun during the hot summer months.

Safe and Secure Delivery

When purchasing the Impressions pool, you can rest assured that it will be delivered safely and securely. The pool itself will be shipped via freight services, so it is important to provide a valid phone number in advance for scheduling a delivery appointment. Before signing for the shipment, it is recommended to inspect the swimming pool for any damages. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the liner and skimmer will be shipped separately from the pool to ensure their safe arrival.


The Lake Effect Pools ‘Impressions’ 24′ Foot Round Above Ground Swimming Pool is a top-notch pool that combines durability, aesthetic appeal, and easy installation. With its resin-coated steel wall, beautiful Caribbean pattern liner, and all-year-ready design, this pool is a fantastic investment for any homeowner. Say hello to endless summer fun and create lasting memories with family and friends with this high-quality above ground pool from Lake Effect Pools.

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