Konica Minolta 4066623 Double-Sided Print Unit

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Product Specification:

РBrand: コニカミノルタ (Konica Minolta)
– Model: 4066623
– Product Type: Double-Sided Print Unit
– Compatibility: Designed for use with magicolor7450II printer
– Printing Technology: Supports double-sided printing
– Additional Features: Enables automatic printing on both sides of the paper
– Weight: Not specified
– Dimensions: Not specified
– Color: Not specified

No products found.

Editor’s Review

Product Review: Konica Minolta 4066623 Double-Sided Print Unit (for magicolor7450II)

  • The Konica Minolta 4066623 Double-Sided Print Unit is a highly efficient accessory for the magicolor7450II printer.


  • The installation process for the double-sided print unit is straightforward and user-friendly.
  • Users can easily attach the unit to the magicolor7450II printer without requiring any technical expertise.
  • The clear instructions provided with the product ensure a hassle-free installation process.

Design and Build Quality

  • The Konica Minolta 4066623 Double-Sided Print Unit adheres to the high standards set by the brand.
  • The unit features a solid and durable build, ensuring longevity.
  • Its compact design allows it to seamlessly integrate with the magicolor7450II printer.

Printing Performance

  • The double-sided print unit significantly enhances the printing capabilities of the magicolor7450II printer.
  • With this unit, users can effortlessly produce professional-quality double-sided prints.
  • The print speed remains commendable even with the addition of the double-sided print unit, ensuring efficient workflow.
  • The unit consistently delivers crisp and vibrant prints, maintaining Konica Minolta’s reputation for high-quality output.

Efficiency and Cost-Saving

  • By facilitating double-sided printing, the Konica Minolta 4066623 Double-Sided Print Unit helps save both paper and resources.
  • Users can significantly reduce printing costs by utilizing both sides of the paper without compromising on print quality.
  • This feature is greatly beneficial in office environments where bulk printing is a regular requirement.

User Experience

  • The double-sided print unit enhances the overall printing experience for users.
  • Its seamless integration with the magicolor7450II printer ensures a hassle-free experience.
  • The unit is user-friendly, and individuals with varying technical expertise can operate it effortlessly.
  • Users appreciate the clear and concise instructions provided, making installation and utilization convenient.
  • The unit’s reliability and consistent performance contribute to a positive user experience, ensuring smooth printing operations.

Compatibility and Versatility

  • The Konica Minolta 4066623 Double-Sided Print Unit is designed specifically for use with the magicolor7450II printer.
  • Its compatibility ensures optimal performance when used together, resulting in superior print quality.
  • The unit’s versatility adds value to the overall user experience, allowing individuals to harness the full potential of the magicolor7450II printer.


  • Straightforward and user-friendly installation process
  • Durable build quality
  • Compact design for seamless integration
  • Enhanced printing capabilities
  • Efficient double-sided printing
  • Cost-saving benefits
  • Positive user experience
  • Reliable and consistent performance
  • Optimal compatibility and versatility


  • The Konica Minolta 4066623 Double-Sided Print Unit is only compatible with the magicolor7450II printer, limiting its usability for other models.
  • Relatively higher price point compared to non-OEM alternatives
  • May require additional space due to its attachment to the printer


The Konica Minolta 4066623 Double-Sided Print Unit is a valuable accessory for the magicolor7450II printer, providing enhanced printing capabilities and cost-saving benefits. Its user-friendly design and durable build quality ensure a positive user experience, while its compatibility with the magicolor7450II printer adds versatility and optimizes print quality. Despite some limitations, this double-sided print unit proves to be a worthy investment for businesses and individuals seeking efficient and professional double-sided printing.

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