SAMSUNG Tab S6 Bookcover Keyboard

Specifications Product Specification: – Model Name: SAMSUNG Tab S6 10.5″ (T860) Bookcover Keyboard Gray – Model Number: EF-DT860UJEGUJ – Design: Sophisticated texture design – Connectivity: Intuitive pogo pin connectors for easy setup and usage – Compatibility: Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – Productivity: Supports Dex mode for enhanced productivity – Multitasking: Multiple separate and … Read more

Zoof Type Cover

Specifications Product Specification for Zoof Type Cover Designed for Microsoft Surface Pro: – Compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro Generation 7, 7+, 6, 5, 4, and 3 – Portable and slim design for easy carrying (11.51*0.29*7.91in) – Lightweight at 14.1oz – Doubles as a protective case for the display – Keyboard cover folds back to disable … Read more