JJRY 3 in 1 Desk Lamp


Product Specification:
– Brand: JJRY
– Model: 3 in 1 Desk Lamp with Qi Charger
– Material: Smooth black
– Workmanship: Exquisite
– Texture: Baby skin smooth
– Packaging: Well packed, suitable for gifting
– Speaker: 5.0 speaker
– Function: Can be used as a speaker
– Charger: 5W charger
– Compatibility: Compatible with all mobile phones with charging function
– Color Temperature: Three options – Warm white / Cold white / Natural light
– Dimming Function: Stepless dimming for suitable lighting during work, reading, and writing applications.

JJRY 3 in 1 Desk Lamp with Qi Charger 5W Speaker USB Dimmable for Bedroom Loft/Black
  • Smooth material, exquisite workmanship, feel like baby skin smooth.
  • It's well packed and suitable for gift to friends.
  • 5.0 speaker, music, you can use it as a speaker.
  • 5W charger, can match all mobile phones with charging function.
  • Three kinds of color temperature, warm white / cold white / natural light, stepless dimming function, suitable for work, reading and writing.

Editor’s Review


The JJRY 3 in 1 Desk Lamp with Qi Charger is an innovative and versatile product that combines a desk lamp, a 5W speaker, and a wireless charger. With its smooth material and exquisite workmanship, it offers a premium feel, akin to baby skin. It comes well packed and is an excellent gift option for friends. Whether you want to enjoy music, charge your phone wirelessly, or adjust the lighting according to your needs, this desk lamp delivers in every aspect.

Design and Build Quality

The design of the JJRY 3 in 1 Desk Lamp is sleek and modern, with a black finish that adds an elegant touch to any space. The smooth material used in its construction not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also makes it incredibly comfortable to touch, similar to the feeling of baby skin. The lamp’s workmanship is of exquisite quality, showcasing attention to detail and ensuring its durability.


The versatility of the JJRY 3 in 1 Desk Lamp is one of its standout features. It serves as a 5.0 speaker, allowing you to enjoy music while working or relaxing. The sound quality is superb, delivering clear and immersive audio. With the 5W charger, this desk lamp is compatible with all mobile phones that support wireless charging, making it a convenient option to keep your device powered up.

Lighting Options

One of the key features of this desk lamp is its ability to provide three kinds of color temperature: warm white, cold white, and natural light. This means you can adjust the lighting according to your preference and the task at hand. Whether you need a cozy ambiance for reading, a bright light for working, or a natural light tone for writing, this lamp has got you covered. The stepless dimming function further allows you to fine-tune the brightness level to create the perfect lighting environment.

Ease of Use

The JJRY 3 in 1 Desk Lamp is incredibly easy to use. The touch-sensitive control panel on the base of the lamp allows for simple operation. With just a few taps, you can switch between different lighting modes, adjust the brightness, or control the speaker. The convenience of wireless charging eliminates the hassle of dealing with cables, making it effortless to keep your phone juiced up while you work or relax.


The performance of this desk lamp is impressive in every aspect. The 5.0 speaker delivers rich and high-quality sound that surpasses expectations for a product of this nature. The audio is well-balanced, with clear vocals and excellent bass response. When it comes to wireless charging, the 5W charger ensures efficient charging for all compatible smartphones, providing a convenient and reliable charging solution.


In conclusion, the JJRY 3 in 1 Desk Lamp with Qi Charger is a high-quality product that offers versatility, functionality, and convenience. With its smooth material and exquisite workmanship, it presents a luxurious feel that is both visually appealing and pleasant to touch. The integration of a 5.0 speaker and a wireless charger make it a multipurpose device that caters to your entertainment and charging needs. The ability to adjust the color temperature and brightness adds further customization options, making it suitable for various tasks and environments. Overall, this desk lamp is a fantastic addition to any bedroom or loft, providing an all-in-one solution that combines style, performance, and convenience.

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