Tiffen IRND3.0 Filter

Specifications Product Specification: – Filter size: 4×5.65 inches – Filter type: IRND (Infrared Neutral Density) – Filter strength: 3.0 (equivalent to 10-stop reduction in light transmission) – Compatibility: Full Spectrum (suitable for use with a wide range of cameras and lenses) – Filter material: Water White Filters (provides high optical clarity and minimal color cast) … Read more

Desmond-ICE Slim IR 82mm Filter

Specifications Product Specification: – Filter Type: Desmond-ICE ICE Slim IR 82mm Filter – Filter Material: Optical Glass – Filter Strength: 720HB 720nm 720 – Filter Function: Infrared Infra-Red – Compatibility: Ideal for Wide Angle Lenses – Optical Properties: Allows Some Visible Light for False Color, & High Contrast for Black & White – Equivalent to: … Read more

IR Infrared Long Pass Filter Visible Light Absorbing Glass

Specifications Product: 850nm IR Long Pass Filter Type: HWB850 (Equal to RG850) Size: 8*8mm Thickness: 1.0mm Package includes: 1000 pieces Editor’s Review Introduction The HWB850 RG850 881.0mm 850nm IR Infrared Long Pass Filter is a valuable accessory for anyone working with infrared photography or imaging. This filter is designed to only allow infrared light above … Read more