Imation DVD-R 16X 4.7GB/120Min Blank Media Recordable Disc


Product Specification:
– Brand: Imation
– Type: DVD-R
– Speed: 16X
– Capacity: 4.7GB
– Audio Storage: 120 minutes
– Surface: Logo Top
– Quantity: 50 Pack
– Packing: Plastic Shrink Wrap

50 Pack Imation DVD-R 16X 4.7GB/120Min Branded Logo Blank Media Recordable Movie Data Disc
  • Brand: Imation.
  • Type: DVD-R.
  • Speed: 16X. Capacity: 4.7GB. Audio Storage: 120 minutes.
  • Surface: Logo Top.
  • Quantity: 50 Pack. Packing: Plastic Shrink Wrap.

Editor’s Review


When it comes to storing important data or creating movie collections, having reliable and high-quality blank media discs is essential. Imation, a well-known brand in the technology sector, offers a 50 Pack of DVD-R 16X 4.7GB/120Min Branded Logo Blank Media Recordable Movie Data Discs. With their impressive specifications and convenient packaging, these discs are an excellent choice for various recording purposes.


The Imation DVD-R discs are designed specifically for recording purposes. With a speed rating of 16X, these discs offer swift data transferring capabilities, allowing you to efficiently store your important files, movies, or documents. Each disc has a capacity of 4.7GB, ensuring ample space for your data. Moreover, the discs offer an audio storage capability of 120 minutes, making them suitable for creating audio CDs or storing multimedia content.

Surface and Design

One notable feature of these Imation DVD-R discs is their logo top surface. This logo surface adds a professional and branded touch to your recorded discs, making them look polished and well-presented. Whether you are creating a personal movie collection or distributing your work to clients, the logo top surface provides a professional appearance.


The 50 Pack of Imation DVD-R discs comes conveniently packaged in a plastic shrink wrap. This packaging ensures that the discs remain secure and protected during transportation or storage. The shrink wrap also makes it easier to keep the discs organized and prevents any accidental damage, such as scratches or smudges, during handling.

  • Secure packaging in plastic shrink wrap.
  • Protection against scratches and smudges.
  • Easy organization and storage.


When it comes to performance, the Imation DVD-R discs deliver impressive results. With their 16X speed rating, these discs allow for quick and efficient data recording. Whether you are burning movies, creating backups, or transferring files, these discs handle the tasks smoothly and with minimal errors. The high capacity of 4.7GB ensures that you can store a significant amount of data on a single disc, without having to compromise on quality.


Another advantage of the Imation DVD-R discs is their wide compatibility with various DVD players and recorders. These discs are compatible with most DVD-R drives, making them versatile and suitable for use with different devices. Whether you are using a computer, a standalone DVD recorder, or a gaming console, you can rely on the Imation DVD-R discs to be compatible and provide consistent playback.

Reliability and Durability

Imation is known for its commitment to producing reliable and durable media products. The DVD-R discs from Imation are no exception. These discs are designed to withstand everyday use and offer excellent longevity. Their high-quality construction ensures that your data remains intact and readable for an extended period. You can be confident that your valuable files or precious memories are stored safely on these discs.

Value for Money

The 50 Pack of Imation DVD-R 16X 4.7GB/120Min Branded Logo Blank Media Recordable Movie Data Discs offer exceptional value for money. The pack contains a significant number of discs, allowing you to create numerous copies, backups, or multimedia collections without worrying about running out of blank media. Considering the reliability, compatibility, and performance, these discs are an affordable investment for anyone in need of reliable blank media.


In conclusion, the 50 Pack Imation DVD-R 16X 4.7GB/120Min Branded Logo Blank Media Recordable Movie Data Discs are an excellent choice for individuals or businesses seeking reliable and high-quality blank media. With their impressive speed, large storage capacity, and compatibility, these discs offer exceptional performance. The logo top surface adds a professional touch, and the convenient packaging ensures the discs remain protected. Imation once again proves its reliability and commitment to producing durable media products, making these discs a valuable investment for any recording needs.

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