Ikan PT4900 Teleprompter

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Product Specification:

– Model Name: Ikan PT4900-PTZ-TM
– Type: PTZ-Compatible Teleprompter with Widescreen Tally Talent Monitor
– Teleprompter Size: 19-Inch
– Designed for PTZ Cameras
– Hood Completely Encloses PTZ Camera for free movement
– Included Monitor: 1000-Nit High-bright Monitor
– Compatibility: Most PTZ Cameras

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Editor’s Review


The Ikan PT4900-PTZ-TM 19-inch High-Bright PTZ-Compatible Teleprompter with Widescreen Tally Talent Monitor is a versatile teleprompter solution designed specifically for PTZ cameras. With a 19-inch teleprompter and a hood that completely encloses the PTZ camera, this product allows for seamless movement of the camera while maintaining a professional teleprompter setup. Additionally, it includes a 1000-Nit high-bright monitor for clear visibility in any lighting condition. Let’s dive deeper into the features and performance of this teleprompter.

Design and Compatibility

The 19-inch teleprompter is thoughtfully designed to cater specifically to PTZ cameras. Its size provides ample space for text display, ensuring ease of reading for the talent. The hood that encloses the PTZ camera is a standout feature of this product, allowing the camera to move freely while maintaining the integrity of the teleprompter setup. This design ensures that both the teleprompter functionality and PTZ camera mobility are not compromised. The materials used in the construction of this teleprompter are of high quality, providing durability and reliability.

High-Bright Monitor

The inclusion of a 1000-Nit high-bright monitor is a notable feature of this teleprompter. This high-brightness capability allows for clear visibility in various lighting conditions, ensuring that the talent can read the script without any difficulties. Whether filming in bright outdoor environments or dimly lit studio setups, the high-bright monitor ensures that the teleprompter remains usable and effective. The image quality displayed on the monitor is impressive, with vibrant colors and sharp details.

Easy Setup and Integration

The Ikan PT4900-PTZ-TM teleprompter is designed for ease of setup and integration with PTZ cameras. It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and brackets, making installation a breeze. The included talent monitor can be conveniently mounted on the teleprompter, providing easy access and visibility to the talent. The teleprompter is compatible with most PTZ cameras, ensuring that it can seamlessly integrate into any existing setup without the need for additional accessories or modifications.

Teleprompter Performance

The primary function of a teleprompter is to facilitate the reading of scripts by the talent, and the PT4900-PTZ-TM excels in this aspect. The text display is crisp and clear, with adjustable font sizes and colors to suit individual preferences. The simple yet intuitive control panel allows for easy navigation and adjustment of the teleprompter settings. Additionally, the teleprompter software included with the product is user-friendly and provides advanced features such as script editing and scrolling speed control.

Flexibility and Versatility

The Ikan PT4900-PTZ-TM teleprompter offers a high degree of flexibility and versatility. Its compatibility with most PTZ cameras allows for seamless integration into various video production setups. The 19-inch size of the teleprompter provides ample space for longer scripts, reducing the need for frequent scrolling. The adjustable hood and monitor positioning further enhance the flexibility of this teleprompter, allowing for customization based on the specific shooting requirements and preferences of the user.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Designed specifically for PTZ cameras
    • Hood enclosure allows for free camera movement
    • 1000-Nit high-bright monitor for visibility in any lighting condition
    • Easy setup and integration with most PTZ cameras
    • Clear and crisp text display with adjustable settings
    • User-friendly teleprompter software
    • Flexible and versatile design
  • Cons:
    • May be on the higher price range compared to standard teleprompters
    • Monitor positioning adjustment may require some trial and error


The Ikan PT4900-PTZ-TM 19-inch High-Bright PTZ-Compatible Teleprompter with Widescreen Tally Talent Monitor is a top-notch teleprompter solution for PTZ camera users. Its thoughtful design, including the hood enclosure and high-bright monitor, allows for seamless camera movement while maintaining a professional teleprompter setup. The easy setup and integration, along with the user-friendly software, make this teleprompter a breeze to use. Although it may be on the higher price range compared to standard teleprompters, the performance, flexibility, and versatility offered by the PT4900-PTZ-TM make it a worthwhile investment for professionals in the video production industry.

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