Ikan PT4700-P2P-TK Interview System


Product Specification: Ikan PT4700-P2P-TK Interview System with 2 x Professional 17″ High Bright Teleprompter Travel Kit includes the following:

1. Model: PT4700-P2P-TK
2. Interview System with 2 x Professional 17″ High Bright Teleprompters
3. Portable and travel-friendly design
4. Compatible with various cameras and camcorders
5. Screen Size: 17″ for each teleprompter
6. High Brightness: Provides clear visibility even in bright lighting conditions
7. Prompter Glass: High-quality prompter glass ensures distortion-free reading experience
8. Adjustable Viewing Angle: The teleprompters can be tilted and adjusted to achieve the desired viewing angle
9. Lightweight and Durable: Constructed with lightweight yet sturdy materials for easy transportation
10. Quick and Easy Setup: Designed for hassle-free setup and operation
11. Software Compatibility: Supports various teleprompter software for smooth operation
12. Mounting Options: Comes with various mounting options for versatile positioning
13. Included Accessories: Travel kit includes necessary accessories for a complete setup
14. Suitable for interviews, presentations, speeches, and other professional applications.

Editor’s Review

Ikan PT4700-P2P-TK Interview System Review


The Ikan PT4700-P2P-TK Interview System with 2 x Professional 17″ High Bright Teleprompter Travel Kit is a comprehensive and versatile solution designed specifically for professional interviews. With its high-quality teleprompter system and convenient travel kit, this product aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of interviews.


  • Professional 17″ High Bright Teleprompter
  • Portable Travel Kit
  • High Bright Display
  • P2P Technology
  • Easy Setup
  • Flexible Mounting Options
  • Customizable Speed Control

Professional 17″ High Bright Teleprompter

The highlight of this system is the inclusion of two professional 17″ high bright teleprompters. These teleprompters are designed to provide clear and readable text even under high ambient light conditions. The bright display ensures that the speakers can easily read their script, reducing the chances of errors or stutters during interviews.

The teleprompter uses quality glass with anti-reflection coating to minimize glare. The 17″ size is ideal for most interview scenarios, allowing comfortable viewing from a distance while maintaining the readability of the text. Overall, the teleprompters in this system are reliable and deliver outstanding performance.

Portable Travel Kit

A key advantage of this product is the inclusion of a portable travel kit. The kit offers a convenient and secure way to transport and store the teleprompter system. The sturdy carrying case provides ample protection against bumps, ensuring that the system remains in optimal condition even during travel.

The travel kit is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport to interview locations. The case includes custom-cut foam inserts, allowing for efficient organization and protection of the teleprompters and related accessories. This travel kit significantly enhances the portability and convenience of the Ikan PT4700-P2P-TK Interview System.

High Bright Display

The high bright displays used in the teleprompters contribute to the overall excellence of this system. With a brightness rating of Xnits, these displays ensure that the text is clearly visible, even in bright lighting conditions. This is particularly important during outdoor or well-lit interviews, where the sun or ambient light often causes visibility issues.

The high bright displays also offer a wide viewing angle, ensuring that both the interviewer and interviewee can comfortably read the text. This feature reduces strain on the eyes and promotes a natural and relaxed interview experience.

P2P Technology

The Ikan PT4700-P2P-TK Interview System utilizes P2P (Point-to-Point) technology, allowing for seamless communication between the teleprompter and control devices. This technology eliminates the need for cumbersome cables, providing a cleaner setup and reducing potential tripping hazards.

With the P2P technology, users can conveniently control the teleprompter system using compatible devices. This flexibility allows for remote operation when mounting the teleprompter at a distance or controlling it from a different location. The P2P technology is a noteworthy feature of this system, enhancing usability and convenience.

Easy Setup

The setup process of the Ikan PT4700-P2P-TK Interview System is straightforward and intuitive. The teleprompters are designed for quick installation, allowing users to save time during setup. The included mounting hardware and user-friendly instructions make the process hassle-free, even for those new to using teleprompters.

Once the teleprompters are mounted, connecting them to the control devices is a breeze with the P2P technology. The system is compatible with various software and applications, making it easy to integrate into existing interview workflows. The overall setup experience is efficient and user-friendly.

Flexible Mounting Options

The teleprompters in this system offer versatile mounting options to suit different interview setups. The teleprompters can be easily mounted on tripods or stands using the provided hardware. This flexibility allows for customization and adaptability to various interview locations and shooting arrangements.

In addition to traditional tripod or stand mounting, the teleprompters can also be used with teleprompter hoods or rigging equipment for more advanced setups. The ability to accommodate different mounting preferences is a valuable feature, catering to the specific needs of professional interviewers.

Customizable Speed Control

The Ikan PT4700-P2P-TK Interview System includes customizable speed control for the teleprompter text. Users can adjust the scroll speed to their preferred pace, ensuring optimal synchronization with the speaker’s delivery. This feature contributes to a more seamless and professional interview experience.

The adjustable speed control is easy to use and can be fine-tuned to match the speaking style of individual interviewees. This level of customization provides flexibility and ensures a comfortable reading experience for the speakers, resulting in more confident and engaging interviews.


The Ikan PT4700-P2P-TK Interview System with 2 x Professional 17″ High Bright Teleprompter Travel Kit is a comprehensive and versatile solution for professional interviews. With its high-quality teleprompters, portable travel kit, and user-friendly features such as customizable speed control and flexible mounting options, this system delivers exceptional performance and convenience.

Whether you are conducting interviews indoors or outdoors, the high bright displays and anti-glare coating offer excellent visibility, while the P2P technology eliminates cable clutter and enhances remote operation capabilities. The easy setup process and the included travel kit further contribute to the overall efficiency and usability of the system.

If you are in need of a reliable and feature-packed teleprompter system for interviews, the Ikan PT4700-P2P-TK Interview System comes highly recommended. Its exceptional quality and user-friendly design make it a valuable tool for professional interviewers seeking to elevate their production quality and enhance the interview experience.

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