IGMaryBox Baby Moon Star Pillow


Product Specification:
– Product Name: IGMaryBox Baby Moon Star Pillow
– Use: Newborn Posing Pillow, Newborn Photography Prop
– Material: High-quality short plush (overall material), high-quality pp cotton (inner filler)
– Color: White
– Package Content: 1 √ó moon pillow, 4 √ó star accessories
– Moon Pillow Size: 15.7 inches (main body size)
– Star Accessories Diameter: 2.1 inches (approximately)
– Packaging: Compact packaging for easy shipping
– Cleaning Instructions: Can be put in the dryer to restore fluffy shape
– Style: Warm night sky style with stars and moon
– Versatility: Can be used as a baby’s comfort pillow and photography prop
– Suitable Scene: Ideal for baby shooting and can also be given as a gift to parents of newborns
– Service Commitment: Satisfactory response to any product issues or queries

IGMaryBox Baby Moon Star Pillow Newborn Posing Pillow Newborn Photography Prop Newborn Photography Posing Pillows Newborn Photography Props Set (White)
  • 🌙Material size: The overall material of the Christmas moon pillow is high-quality short plush, and the inner filler is high-quality pp cotton,...
  • 🌙Package content: 1 × moon pillow + 4 × star accessories. The main body size of the moon pillow is 15.7 inches, and the diameter of the star...
  • 🌙Warm style: Star Moon pillow as baby shooting props can create night sky style, the configuration of stars and moon can be applied to a variety of...
  • 🌙Suitable scene: The Christmas star moon pillow is a very suitable photography pillow for baby shooting. You can buy it as a shooting prop for your...
  • 🌙SERVICE COMMITMENT: If you have any trouble about the product itself or using the product after receiving baby photo prop, please contact us at...

Editor’s Review


The IGMaryBox Baby Moon Star Pillow is a perfect newborn photography prop that adds a touch of magic to your baby’s photoshoots. This versatile set includes a moon-shaped pillow and four star-shaped accessories, creating a warm and dreamy night sky atmosphere. Made with high-quality materials and designed with the utmost care, this pillow provides support and comfort for the baby, ensuring beautiful and memorable photographs.

Material and Size

The Christmas moon pillow is crafted with high-quality short plush material, providing a soft and cozy surface for the baby. The inner filling is made of high-quality pp cotton, which not only adds to the overall appearance of the pillow but also offers directional support for the baby during posing. The materials used are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, ensuring the safety of your baby. The moon pillow measures 15.7 inches in size, allowing for easy posing and creating a striking visual element in your photographs. The star accessories have a diameter of approximately 2.1 inches, complementing the moon pillow perfectly.

Package Content

When you purchase the IGMaryBox Baby Moon Star Pillow, you will receive one moon pillow and four star accessories. The packaging is compact, ensuring safe delivery through Amazon logistics. Upon receiving the pillow, it is recommended to put it in the dryer for 5-8 minutes to restore its fluffy shape. This step is crucial to achieving the desired aesthetic and enhancing the overall appeal of the pillow.

Warm Style

The Star Moon pillow offers a warm and dreamy style, making it an ideal prop for baby photography. The combination of stars and moon creates a night sky atmosphere, adding a touch of magic to your photoshoots. The high-quality materials used in the production of this pillow guarantee its durability, making it a reliable and reusable prop for various shooting scenes. Moreover, this pillow can also be used as a comfort pillow for babies, providing them with a cozy and soothing experience.

Suitable Scene

The Christmas Star Moon Pillow is specifically designed for baby photography, making it the perfect prop for capturing adorable memories. Whether you are a professional photographer or a parent looking to capture beautiful photos of your newborn, this pillow will greatly enhance the overall aesthetic of your images. It can also be given as a thoughtful gift to the parents of a newborn, helping them create unforgettable moments and cherish their child’s growth record forever.

Service Commitment

At IGMaryBox, we are committed to providing excellent service and ensuring customer satisfaction. If you encounter any issues with the product itself or have any concerns after receiving the baby photo prop, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available at any time to address your questions and provide a satisfactory resolution. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we stand by our promise to deliver high-quality and reliable products.


The IGMaryBox Baby Moon Star Pillow is a must-have for any newborn photography enthusiast or professional. Its high-quality materials, impeccable design, and versatility make it the perfect prop for creating magical and unforgettable images. With its warm and dreamy style, this pillow adds a touch of enchantment to your baby’s photoshoots. Whether you are capturing precious moments of your own baby or gifting it to new parents, the Star Moon Pillow will become an essential and cherished item in your photography collection.

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