IBM ULTRIUM LTO 7 Tape Cartridge – 2.5TB


Product Specification:
– Brand: IBM
– Model: ULTRIUM LTO 7
– Tape Cartridge Capacity: 2.5TB
– Pack Type: Library Pack
– Number of Cartridges per Pack: 20
– IBM Part Number: 38L7315
– Ultrium-7 Technology
– Tape Cartridge Capacity (Compressed): 6TB
– Tape Cartridge Capacity (Raw): 15TB

IBM ULTRIUM LTO 7 Tape Cartridge - 2.5TB - Library Pack - 20 CARTS PER Pack 38L7315
  • IBM LTO, Ultrium-7, 38L7315, 6TB/15TB Library Pack, 20/PK
  • IBM ULTRIUM LTO 7 Tape Cartridge - 2.5TB - Library Pack - 20 CARTS PER Pack 38L7315
  • Ultrm LTO 7TC2.5TB Lbrry Pk 20cartsperpk

Editor’s Review


The IBM ULTRIUM LTO 7 Tape Cartridge, with a storage capacity of 2.5TB, is an impressive addition to the world of data storage. In this review, we will delve deeper into the features, performance, and benefits of this library pack that includes 20 tape cartridges. Whether you are a business or an individual looking for reliable and efficient data storage solutions, this product might be just what you need.

Key Features

  • Storage Capacity: The IBM ULTRIUM LTO 7 Tape Cartridge offers a generous storage capacity of 2.5TB, making it suitable for storing a vast amount of data.
  • Library Pack: The library pack includes 20 tape cartridges, providing enhanced convenience for large-scale data storage needs.
  • Data Transfer Rate: With a data transfer rate of up to 300 MB/s (native), this cartridge ensures quick and efficient data backups and restores.


The performance of the IBM ULTRIUM LTO 7 Tape Cartridge is exceptional, surpassing expectations with its impressive data transfer rate and reliability.

Rapid Data Transfer

The data transfer rate of up to 300 MB/s (native) allows for swift backups and restores, ensuring minimal downtime in case of data loss or system failure. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that rely on continuous data availability and need fast recovery times to maintain productivity.

Enhanced Storage Capacity

With a storage capacity of 2.5TB, the cartridge offers ample space for storing large volumes of data. This is especially advantageous for organizations dealing with data-intensive applications or large media files. The ability to accommodate such vast amounts of data in a single cartridge simplifies storage management and reduces the overall number of cartridges required.

Long-Term Data Preservation

The IBM ULTRIUM LTO 7 Tape Cartridge is designed for long-term data preservation with a 30+ year archival life. This feature ensures that your critical data remains intact, protected from environmental factors, and easily accessible when needed.


IBM has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality and reliable storage solutions, and the ULTRIUM LTO 7 Tape Cartridge is no exception. The following features enhance its reliability:

Durable Construction

The cartridge is built with durability in mind, constructed to withstand harsh environments and rough handling during transportation or storage. This robust design minimizes the risk of data loss due to physical damage, providing peace of mind to users.

Advanced Encryption

To ensure data security, the cartridge supports advanced encryption algorithms. This feature allows users to safeguard their sensitive information by encrypting the data written on the tape. With encryption, even if the tape falls into the wrong hands, the stored data remains protected and inaccessible.

Ease of Use

The IBM ULTRIUM LTO 7 Tape Cartridge is designed with user convenience in mind, making it easy to integrate into existing systems and workflows.

Effortless Integration

The cartridge is compatible with all LTO Ultrium 7 tape drives, making it easy to integrate into existing backup systems. Whether you are using IBM tape drives or drives from other manufacturers, this cartridge can seamlessly fit into your infrastructure.

Barcode Labeling

Each tape cartridge comes with a unique barcode label for efficient tracking and inventory management. This labeling system simplifies the identification and retrieval of specific data, saving time and effort in large-scale backup environments.


Overall, the IBM ULTRIUM LTO 7 Tape Cartridge Library Pack is a reliable and efficient solution for data storage and backup needs. Its impressive storage capacity, rapid data transfer rate, and long-term data preservation capabilities make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, its durability, advanced encryption, and ease of use features further enhance its value. Whether you need to back up critical business data or store personal media files securely, this library pack is an investment in reliable and convenient data storage.

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