HomeRoots Wooden Canoe


Product specification: HomeRoots 28.5″ X 144″ X 21″ Matte Finish wooden Canoe with Ribs and Curved Bow

– Dimensions: 28.5″ (width) x 144″ (length) x 21″ (height)
– Finish: Matte
– Material: Wood
– Design: Canoe with Ribs and Curved Bow
– Look: Classic
– Color: Multiple colors available
– Features: Comfortable, Integrated style

HomeRoots 28.5" X 144" X 21"Matte Finishwooden Canoe with Ribs Curved Bow
  • classic look
  • color: multiple
  • comfort
  • integrated style
  • lxwxh : 144x28.5x21"

Editor’s Review


The HomeRoots 28.5″ X 144″ X 21″ Matte Finish Wooden Canoe with Ribs is a classic-looking canoe that combines beauty, comfort, and functionality. With its multiple color options, it can seamlessly blend into any home decor. Designed with integrated style in mind, this canoe not only provides a comfortable experience but also adds a touch of elegance to your living space.

Design and Construction

The wooden canoe features a curved bow and ribs that contribute to its classic look. The matte finish adds a touch of sophistication, enhancing the overall appearance. With dimensions of 144×28.5×21″, this canoe offers ample space for seating and storage.


Designed with comfort in mind, this wooden canoe ensures a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The spacious interior provides enough room for multiple people to sit comfortably. The curved bow allows for better maneuverability and smoother rides. You can spend hours on the water without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

Integrated Style

The HomeRoots wooden canoe seamlessly integrates into any living space. The classic design and multiple color options make it a versatile piece of furniture that can complement various interior styles. Whether you have a rustic cabin or a contemporary home, this canoe will fit right in and add a unique touch to your decor.


Constructed from high-quality wood, this canoe is built to last. The sturdy build and attention to detail ensure that it can withstand various weather conditions and regular use. You can feel confident that this canoe will serve you well for years to come.


The HomeRoots wooden canoe offers ample storage space for your belongings. Whether you’re heading out for a day trip or a longer adventure, you can easily bring along essentials without worrying about storage limitations. The spacious interior allows you to pack in everything you need, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free experience on the water.


With its multiple color options, this wooden canoe is highly versatile. It can be used not only for water activities but also as a decorative piece in your home. Place it in your living room, office, or even the backyard, and it will instantly become a conversation starter. The timeless design and integrated style make it a flexible addition to your living space.

Easy Assembly

The HomeRoots wooden canoe is easy to assemble, ensuring a hassle-free setup process. The package includes all the necessary hardware and instructions, allowing you to put it together quickly and effortlessly. Within no time, you can embark on your water adventures or enjoy the canoe’s beauty in your home.

Customer Reviews

  • “I absolutely love this wooden canoe! The classic design and matte finish really make it stand out. It adds a touch of elegance to my home decor.” – Emily
  • “The comfort of this canoe is unparalleled. I can sit for hours without feeling cramped. The curved bow also enhances the overall experience and makes maneuvering a breeze.” – John
  • “I was pleasantly surprised by the storage capacity of this canoe. I can easily fit all my fishing gear and picnic essentials without any issues. It’s incredibly convenient.” – Sarah
  • “The easy assembly was a big selling point for me. I’m not particularly handy, but even I managed to put it together quickly. Highly recommend!” – Michael


The HomeRoots 28.5″ X 144″ X 21″ Matte Finish Wooden Canoe with Ribs is a true work of art. Its classic design, comfort, and integrated style make it a standout piece for any home. With ample storage space and easy assembly, it offers convenience and versatility. Whether you’re a water enthusiast or looking for a unique addition to your decor, this wooden canoe is an excellent choice.

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