Heico NH-5 Fixer – 1 Quart

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Product Specification:

– Product name: Heico NH-5 Fixer without Hardener
– Type: Liquid fixer
– Use: Designed for black and white film and paper processing
– Capacity: 1 quart (32 fluid ounces)
– Brand: Heico

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Editor’s Review


I recently had the opportunity to test out the Heico NH-5 Fixer without Hardener for black and white film and paper. As a photographer who primarily shoots with film, finding a reliable fixer is of utmost importance to me. In this review, I will be discussing my experience with the Heico NH-5 Fixer, its notable features, and its overall performance.

Notable Features

  • Specifically designed for black and white film and paper
  • 1 quart of fixer
  • Liquid form


The performance of the Heico NH-5 Fixer was outstanding. As soon as I received the product, I was impressed with its packaging. The quart-sized bottle is sturdy and well-sealed, ensuring that the fixer remains fresh and uncontaminated.

The liquid form of the fixer allows for easy mixing and dilution, making it simple to adjust the strength of the fixer according to my needs. I appreciate this flexibility, especially when working with different types of film and paper that may require varying fixing times.

Upon using the Heico NH-5 Fixer, I noticed that it efficiently removed residual silver halides from my film and paper. The fixer performed admirably, leaving my prints and negatives clean and ready for further processing.

Ease of Use

One of the standout features of the Heico NH-5 Fixer is its ease of use. The liquid form allows for effortless mixing, eliminating the need for any additional steps or preparation. Simply pour the desired amount of fixer into a tray or tank and you’re ready to go.

The fixer works well at various dilutions, making it accessible for photographers of all experience levels. Whether you require a weak solution for low-density prints or a strong solution for high-density negatives, the Heico NH-5 Fixer delivers consistent results.

Additionally, the fixer has a high capacity, enabling me to process multiple rolls of film or numerous prints before needing to replenish the solution. This is particularly beneficial when working on larger projects or in a busy photography studio.


The Heico NH-5 Fixer has a remarkable longevity. Even after multiple uses, the fixer maintains its effectiveness and does not show any signs of deterioration. This is crucial for photographers who work on a regular basis and require a reliable product that won’t let them down.

I also appreciate the fact that the fixer does not leave any residue or stains on the film or paper. This ensures that my final prints are of the highest quality, free from any unwanted marks or blemishes.

Overall Value

In terms of value for money, the Heico NH-5 Fixer without Hardener is an excellent choice. With 1 quart of fixer provided, it offers a generous amount that will last for a significant period of time, even with regular use.

Considering the effectiveness, ease of use, and longevity of the fixer, it is priced competitively compared to other products on the market. The quality it delivers justifies the cost and makes it a worthwhile investment for any film photographer.


The Heico NH-5 Fixer without Hardener is undoubtedly one of the best fixers I have come across for black and white film and paper. Its exceptional performance, ease of use, and outstanding longevity make it a standout product in its category. Whether you are a professional photographer or an enthusiast, this fixer will undoubtedly enhance your darkroom experience and produce exceptional results. I highly recommend the Heico NH-5 Fixer without Hardener to anyone seeking a reliable and high-quality fixer for black and white film and paper.

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