HDMI Cable 4K/60Hz – 40 Feet


Product Specification:
– Brand: Cable Central LLC
– Pack Size: 100 cables
– Cable Length: 40 feet
– Cable Type: HDMI
– Maximum Resolution: 4K at 60Hz
– Model: S7/8181
– Compliance: CL2 rated for in-wall installation
– Wire Gauge: 26AWG

Cable Central LLC (100 Pack 40Ft HDMI Cable 4K/60Hz S7/8181 CL2 26AWG - 40 Feet
  • Cable Central LLC (100 Pack) 40Ft HDMI Cable 4K/60Hz S7/8181 CL2 26AWG - 40 Feet

Editor’s Review


In today’s digital age, high-definition content has become increasingly popular, making the need for reliable HDMI cables more important than ever. Cable Central LLC understands this demand and offers a convenient solution with their 100 Pack of 40ft HDMI cables. With the ability to support 4K/60Hz resolutions, these cables are sure to satisfy even the most discerning video enthusiasts. This product review will delve into the key features, performance, and overall value of the Cable Central LLC (100 Pack) 40Ft HDMI Cable.

Key Features

  • Length: With each cable measuring 40 feet in length, users have the flexibility to connect their devices over longer distances without the need for additional extensions.
  • 4K/60Hz Support: The Cable Central LLC HDMI cables provide a bandwidth capable of handling 4K content at a smooth 60Hz refresh rate, ensuring stunning visuals with no lag or stuttering.
  • S7/8181 CL2 26AWG: These cables are crafted from high-quality materials, including S7/8181 CL2 26AWG conductors, which ensure optimal signal transmission and durability.
  • 100 Pack: Offering a pack of 100 cables, Cable Central LLC enables users to connect various devices simultaneously with ease, ideal for commercial installations or large-scale setups.


The performance of the Cable Central LLC (100 Pack) 40Ft HDMI Cable is truly impressive. The ability to support 4K/60Hz resolutions guarantees a crystal-clear viewing experience with no compromise on image quality. Whether you’re watching movies, gaming, or engaging in graphic-intensive tasks, these cables deliver exceptional performance without any noticeable latency.

The use of S7/8181 CL2 26AWG conductors further enhances the cables’ performance. These conductors ensure efficient signal transmission, minimizing the potential for signal loss or degradation. This is especially important for long-distance connections, as the Cable Central LLC HDMI cables maintain the integrity of the signal over the entire 40-foot length.

Additionally, the build quality of these cables is second to none. The S7/8181 CL2 26AWG conductors are encased in a durable and flexible sheath, providing both protection and ease of installation. The connectors are securely molded, preventing accidental disconnections. Overall, the cables feel sturdy and reliable, giving users the confidence that their connections will remain stable over extended periods.


The value proposition of the Cable Central LLC (100 Pack) 40Ft HDMI Cable is exceptional. With a 100 pack at a competitive price point, this product offers incredible value for those in need of multiple HDMI cables. Whether you are a business owner looking for cables to outfit your commercial environment or a residential user with numerous devices, the convenience and cost-effectiveness of this package cannot be overstated.

With each cable measuring 40 feet, users can confidently set up their devices without worrying about distance limitations. The pack of 100 cables provides an abundance of options and flexibility, making it suitable for large-scale installations. Additionally, the cables’ ability to support 4K/60Hz resolutions ensures that users can take full advantage of the latest high-definition content.

Considering the performance and durability of the Cable Central LLC HDMI cables, it’s evident that the value extends beyond mere quantity. Users can expect reliable and uninterrupted signal transmission, thanks to the superior build quality and use of high-quality materials. The peace of mind that comes with such dependable cables is invaluable, especially in professional settings where connection stability is crucial.


In conclusion, the Cable Central LLC (100 Pack) 40Ft HDMI Cable is a highly recommended investment for anyone seeking reliable HDMI connections. With its ability to support 4K/60Hz resolutions, these cables deliver stunning visual experiences without compromising on performance. The use of S7/8181 CL2 26AWG conductors ensures optimal signal transmission and longevity. The value offered by the pack of 100 cables is unparalleled, making it an excellent choice for large-scale installations or those who simply want to have spares on hand. Whether you’re a home theater enthusiast, a gamer, or a business owner needing multiple connections, Cable Central LLC has you covered with this comprehensive and cost-effective HDMI cable solution.

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