Miracle LED Craft LED Grow Light Bulb

Specifications – Product name: Miracle LED Craft LED Midnight Iris Blue Spectrum Grow Light Bulb – Quantity: 36-Pack – Lighting technology: Crafted diode brew varieties – Energy consumption: Consumes only 12W of energy – Equivalent to: Replaces 150W Old Incandescent Bulbs – Cost: Runs at a fraction of the cost with only $1.44 per year … Read more

Miracle LED Nanometer Full Indoor Grow Light Kit (8-Pack)

Specifications Product Specification: – Includes 3 Ultra Grow Full Spectrum 150W Replacement Grow Light Bulbs – Includes 1 3-Socket Corded Fixture with SproutMatic Timer – Quantity: 8-Pack – Energy Efficiency: Each 12W LED bulb replaces 150W old incandescent bulbs – Energy Cost: Only $1.44 per year in energy costs – Water Resistant: Durable rubber cord … Read more

CastleGreens 315W CMH Grow Light Bulb

Specifications Product Specification: – Name: CastleGreens 315W CMH Grow Light Bulb – Lamp Type: Sunlike Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) – Application: Speeding up Plant Growth and Flowering – Color Temperature: 3100K (3K) – Light Efficiency: 120lm/W (Ultra-high light efficiency, 33% higher than traditional gold halide lamp) – Color Rendering Index (CRI): 90 (High color rendering … Read more