Gavita CT1930e LED

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand/Model: Gavita CT1930e LED – Voltage Compatibility: 120-277V – Light Output: 1930 ¬µmol/s – Energy Efficiency: 2.5 ¬µmol/J – HID Fixture Compatibility: Can be used as a direct replacement for HID fixtures – Light Output Quality: Uniform, full spectrum light output – Environmental Rating: IP66 (rated for wet environments) – Certification: … Read more

Brilliant Brand Lighting LED 5 Row Strip Grow Light – 120 Volt – High Output (SMD-2835) – Custom Cut – 129.56 Feet -> LED 5 Row Strip Grow Light

Specifications – Brand: Brilliant Brand Lighting – Product type: LED 5 Row Strip Grow Light – Voltage: 120 Volt – Light output: High Output – LED type: SMD-2835 – Length: 129.56 Feet – Custom Cut: Yes Editor’s Review Introduction The Brilliant Brand Lighting LED 5 Row Strip Grow Light is a high-quality lighting solution for … Read more

LED Plant Grow Light

Specifications – Product Name: LED Plant Grow Light with Stand – Brand: WTINTELL – Light Spectrum: Full spectrum, provides wavelength from 380 to 800nm close to sunlight – Plant Functions: Supports indoor plant seed germination, leaf development, hypocotyl elongation and de etiolation – Installation: Easy to install, tripod can be rotated and butt connected with … Read more


Specifications Product Specification: – Verta8 Materials LEDs: – Proprietary blend of Samsung, Lumileds, and OSRAM chips. – Frame: – Material: Powder Coated Stainless Steel. – Finish: – Type: Polyester Powder Coat. – Heat Sink: – Material: AL6061 Aluminum. Editor’s Review Introduction The Verta8 is a cutting-edge lighting product that boasts an impressive combination of high-quality … Read more

Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: Spider Farmer – Model: 2023 New SF1000 – LED Grow Light – Samsung LM301B diodes – Dimmable lighting – Full spectrum grow light – Suitable for indoor plants veg bloom – Growing lamps for 3×3/2×2 grow tent – Energy efficiency: 2.5 umol/J – Lower running costs – Higher quality yields … Read more