GDMING Portable Collapsible PVC Water Container

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: GDMING Portable Collapsible PVC Water Container – Material: 0.9mm thick PVC (food-grade raw materials) – Color: Blue – Size: 5000L/2.5x2x1m – Bearing Capacity: 15 kPa – Leak-Proof Plug and Outer Cover: Faucet design, large diameter water injection port, easy to fill and drain water, and install a sealing cover … Read more

100-Pack Phat Sacks 7-Gallon Fabric Grow Pot

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: HTGSupply – Model: 100-Pack Phat Sacks – Quantity: 100 pots – Pot Type: Fabric Grow Pot – Capacity: 7-Gallon (trade size) – Material: Breathable felt – Construction: Premium fabric – Suitable for: Soil or soilless medium – Drainage: Superior drainage – Aeration: Provides superior aeration – Root Stimulation: Produces air-pruning … Read more

Mushroom Growing Bags

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: Mushroom Growing Bags Mushroom Spawn Bags – Package Quantity: 50 Pack – Bag Size: 6″ X 5″ X 20″ (Large Size) – Bag Thickness: 6 Mil (Extra Thick) – Filter Type: 0.2 Micron Filter Patch – Breathability: Allows gas exchange while keeping contaminants out – Autoclavable: Bags can withstand … Read more

Cavisoo Grow Bags

Specifications Product Specifications: – Product: Cavisoo 24-Pack 5 Gallon Grow Bags – Material: 300g thick non-woven fabric – Durability: Can be reused for more than 3 years – Handles: Reinforced with strong polypropylene webbing – Handle Stitching: X-shaped stitching for added strength and weight-bearing capacity – Drainage: Excellent drainage for rapid water drainage and ideal … Read more

40 Gallon Grow Bags, Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles, Pot for Plants

Specifications Product specification: – Material: High quality and durable non-woven fabric – BPA-free and AZO-free – Washable for reuse – Size: 40 Gallon (27.3″ Diameter, 16.0″ Height) – Approx. 40.6 gallon capacity – Excellent aeration and air permeability – Prevents root swirling – Promotes healthy root ball – Provides good drainage – Faster growth and … Read more

Potato Grow Bags 5 Pack 10 Gallon

Specifications Product specification: – Material: Made of breathable PE material – Size: 10 Gallon, 45x35cm (17.7×13.7 in) – Quantity: 5 Pack – Features: Ventilated holes on the bottom and side for improved aeration and drainage, access flap for easy harvesting, handles for easy transportation, durable and built to last – Suitable for outdoor planting in … Read more