Tufted Hairgrass

Specifications Product: Tufted Hairgrass (50 lbs) Specifications: – Preferred growing conditions: moist, rich soils and partial shade – Flower head height: up to three feet – Flower heads last into the winter, providing aesthetic value to the snow-covered landscape – Foliage: semi-evergreen – Seed heads: yellow hair-like – Suitable for ornamental gardens – Can be … Read more

Cat Ladies Cat Grass Kit

Specifications – Product Name: The Cat Ladies Cat Grass Kit – Product Description: Complete with Rustic Wood Planter, Organic Seed and Soil. Easy to Grow – Great for Indoor or Outdoor Cat, Dogs, and Other Pets. Prevent Hairballs and Aid Digestion. – Product Features: – Organic and chemical-free – Loaded with fiber for healthy digestion … Read more

Pampas Grass Seeds

Specifications Product Specification: – Type of Product: Pampas Grass Seeds – Quantity: 1000+ seeds – Purpose: Planting heirloom ornamental plants – Decoration: Suitable for garden decor – Height: Reaches 8 to 12 feet tall – Color Variety: Available in blue, white, pink, red, and yellow – Description: Fresh green foliage with long, thick silky “featherdusters” … Read more