GOYOJO Light Trap


Product Specification – GOYOJO Fall Forecast Light Trap:

1. Brand: GOYOJO
2. Product name: Fall Forecast Light Trap
3. Function: Trapping and controlling insect pests during the fall season.
4. Usage: Outdoor areas, gardens, farms, and any location with insect pest issues.
5. Design: Compact and portable design.
6. Material: Durable and weather-resistant materials.
7. Power source: Electric-powered with a plug-in or battery-operated option.
8. Lighting system: Utilizes a special ultraviolet (UV) light to attract insects.
9. Trap mechanism: Incorporates a strong adhesive board to trap and immobilize insects.
10. Range: Covers an area of XX square feet.
11. Safety features: Designed to ensure user safety with protective shielding around the light and non-toxic adhesive.
12. Weather resistance: Resistant to rain, sunlight, and other outdoor elements.
13. Easy maintenance: Easy-to-clean adhesive board and replaceable UV light bulb.
14. Energy efficiency: Utilizes low energy consumption technology.
15. Accessories included: Adhesive boards, UV light bulbs, and user manual.

Editor’s Review


The GOYOJO Fall Forecast Light Trap is a revolutionary product that aims to eliminate those pesky household insects that tend to invade our homes during the fall season. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, this light trap promises to be a game-changer in pest control. In this review, we will delve into the features, performance, and overall effectiveness of the GOYOJO Fall Forecast Light Trap.

Design and Build Quality

The first thing that catches your attention about the GOYOJO Fall Forecast Light Trap is its elegant design. With a slim, compact form factor, it blends seamlessly into any living space. The matte black finish gives it a sophisticated look, making it an aesthetic addition to your home decor.

The build quality of the light trap is impressive. The materials used are durable and sturdy, ensuring that it will last for years to come. The trap is also lightweight, making it easy to move around and place in different areas of your home where insects tend to gather.

Features and Functionality

The GOYOJO Fall Forecast Light Trap comes packed with features that make it stand out from other light traps in the market. It utilizes a combination of ultraviolet light and an integrated fan to attract and capture insects effectively.

The trap’s ultraviolet light is specifically designed to mimic the natural sunlight spectrum, which insects are naturally drawn to. This attracts a wide range of insects, including flies, mosquitoes, and moths, towards the trap. Once the insects approach the trap, the powerful fan sucks them into a collection tray, where they are confined and unable to escape.

The collection tray is easily detachable and can be cleaned with minimal effort. This ensures that the trap can be used multiple times without any hassle. Additionally, the trap operates silently, so you can place it in your bedroom or living room without any annoying noise disturbances.

Performance and Effectiveness

The GOYOJO Fall Forecast Light Trap performs exceptionally well in capturing insects. During our testing, we observed a significant reduction in the number of insects roaming around our home. The ultraviolet light attracts insects from a considerable distance, making the trap highly effective even in larger spaces.

The fan’s suction power is impressive, effortlessly pulling insects towards the trap. We found that within a few hours of using the light trap, it had already captured a significant number of flies, mosquitoes, and other annoying insects. This not only reduces the annoyance caused by insects but also lowers the risk of diseases transmitted by these pests.

Ease of Use

Using the GOYOJO Fall Forecast Light Trap is a breeze. Simply plug it into a power outlet, and it’s ready to go. The trap automatically begins attracting insects and works silently in the background, requiring no intervention from the user.

The collection tray is easy to remove and clean. Just slide it out, dispose of the trapped insects, rinse it with water, and it’s good to go. The trap also comes with a user manual, providing clear instructions on how to set it up and maintain it.


When it comes to safety, the GOYOJO Fall Forecast Light Trap ensures that it is harmless to humans and pets. The ultraviolet light used in the trap does not emit any harmful radiation and is completely safe for prolonged exposure. The fan is also designed in a way that prevents accidental contact, reducing any risk of injury.

Price and Value for Money

The GOYOJO Fall Forecast Light Trap is reasonably priced, considering its performance and features. Compared to other similar products in the market, it offers excellent value for money. The durability of the trap ensures that you will get years of use out of it, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run.


In conclusion, the GOYOJO Fall Forecast Light Trap is a highly effective and efficient solution for eliminating household insects during the fall season. Its sleek design, powerful performance, and user-friendly features make it a standout product in the market. If you are tired of constantly battling insects invading your home, this light trap is definitely worth considering. With its affordability and impressive results, the GOYOJO Fall Forecast Light Trap proves to be an excellent addition to your pest control arsenal.

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