Glide Gear DEV 10 Roller Dolly PRO


Product: Glide Gear DEV 10 Professional Video Camera Roller Cine Dolly PRO

– Material: 3/16″ thick CNC machined aluminum plate
– Mitchell plate adapter: Built-in to attach various bowl sizes
– Mounting options: Multiple 1/4 20 & 3/8 threaded holes for easy mounting
– Wheels: 4 soft polyurethane wax coated squeak-free wheel sets
– Bearings: 608Z precision bearings in the wheels for smooth operation

Glide Gear DEV 10 Professional Video Camera Roller Cine Dolly PRO
  • heavy duty 3/16” thick cnc machined aluminum plate
  • Built in mitchell plate adapter to attach various bowl sizes
  • Multiple 1/4 20 & 3/8 threaded holes for mounting
  • 4 Soft polyurethane wax coated squeak free wheel sets -608Z precision bearings

Editor’s Review


The Glide Gear DEV 10 Professional Video Camera Roller Cine Dolly PRO is a heavy-duty camera dolly designed for professional videographers. Made with a 3/16″ thick CNC machined aluminum plate, this dolly is built to withstand the rigors of professional use. With its built-in Mitchell plate adapter and multiple threaded holes for mounting, it offers versatile compatibility with different camera equipment. Additionally, its four soft polyurethane wax coated wheel sets with 608Z precision bearings ensure smooth and silent movement during filming.

Design and Construction

The DEV 10 Professional Video Camera Roller Cine Dolly PRO boasts a robust design with its 3/16″ thick CNC machined aluminum plate. This heavy-duty construction ensures the dolly can support the weight of professional cameras and accessories without compromising stability. The aluminum plate also adds durability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor shoots.

Mitchell Plate Adapter

One standout feature of the Glide Gear DEV 10 is its built-in Mitchell plate adapter. This adapter allows users to easily attach various bowl sizes to the dolly, making it compatible with a wide range of camera equipment. Whether you have a 75mm, 100mm, or 150mm bowl, the dolly can accommodate it seamlessly. This versatility is particularly useful for videographers who work with different cameras and rigs.

Mounting Flexibility

The DEV 10 offers incredible mounting flexibility with its multiple 1/4 20″ and 3/8″ threaded holes. These holes allow users to attach various accessories, such as monitor mounts, microphones, or even additional cameras. This feature enhances the dolly’s functionality and enables videographers to customize their setup according to their specific needs. The precision threading ensures secure attachment, eliminating any concerns about equipment stability.

Smooth and Silent Movement

One of the most important aspects of a video camera roller dolly is its ability to provide smooth and silent movement. The Glide Gear DEV 10 excels in this aspect with its four soft polyurethane wax-coated wheel sets. These wheels are engineered to minimize friction and eliminate squeaking noises, ensuring seamless tracking shots every time. The 608Z precision bearings further enhance the smoothness of the dolly, resulting in professional-grade footage.

Handling and Portability

Despite its heavy-duty construction, the DEV 10 is surprisingly easy to handle and transport. The dolly features a compact design that can be easily disassembled for storage or transport. This makes it ideal for on-location shoots where mobility is essential. The lightweight nature of the dolly also contributes to its ease of use, allowing videographers to effortlessly maneuver it throughout their shooting setups.

Stability and Durability

With the DEV 10’s solid construction and attention to detail, stability is a key feature. The heavy-duty aluminum plate ensures the dolly remains steady, even when supporting heavy camera rigs. This stability reduces the risk of shaky footage that can often result from using a lesser-quality dolly. Additionally, the dolly’s durability guarantees long-lasting performance, making it a reliable tool for professional videographers.

Compatibility with Camera Equipment

The Glide Gear DEV 10’s compatibility with various camera equipment is a major advantage. Whether you own a DSLR, mirrorless camera, or professional cinema camera, the dolly’s design allows for seamless integration. Its versatile Mitchell plate adapter and threaded holes for mounting ensure compatibility with a wide range of industry-standard accessories. This adaptability makes the DEV 10 suitable for videographers at any skill level, catering to their specific needs and equipment.


In conclusion, the Glide Gear DEV 10 Professional Video Camera Roller Cine Dolly PRO is a top-notch choice for professional videographers. Its heavy-duty construction, built-in Mitchell plate adapter, multiple threaded holes for mounting, smooth and silent movement, handling, and portability make it a versatile and reliable tool. The stability and durability of the dolly, combined with its compatibility with various camera equipment, further reinforce its value. With the DEV 10, videographers can elevate their footage with smooth and professional tracking shots.

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