Aquamate Model No.3-Portable Water Delivery System

Specifications – Model No.: AQM3 – Product Name: American Granby AQM3 Aquamate Model No.3 Portable Water Delivery System – Water Capacity: 12 gallons – Type: Portable Water Delivery System Editor’s Review Product Overview The American Granby AQM3 Aquamate Model No.3 is an impressive portable water delivery system that can hold up to 12 gallons of … Read more

Auspok Sprouting Jar Kit

Specifications Product Specification: – Sprouting Jar Kit – Includes 2 wide mouth mason jars (32 oz) – Premium stainless steel screen sprout lids – Includes 2 blackout sleeves for light control – Sprouting tray included – Stainless steel stand included – Canning brush included – Suitable for growing broccoli, alfalfa, mung beans (white) – Safe … Read more

LetPot LPH-SE Hydroponics Growing System

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: LetPot LPH-SE Hydroponics Growing System – Number of Pods: 12 – Type: Smart Herb Garden Kit Indoor – Control: APP & WiFi Controlled – LED Lighting: 24W Growing LED with 2x faster growth – Water Capacity: 5.5L Water Tank – Pump System: Included – Timer: Automatic Timer – Patented … Read more

Hydroponic Growing Kit

Specifications Product Specification: – Quantity: 100 pieces (50 hydroponic plant replacement baskets + 50 seed pot labels) – Material: Plastic (for baskets), PVC (for labels) – Wide Range of Application: Suitable for planting soilless plants such as strawberries, tomatoes, flowers, and more – Reliability and Reusability: Baskets are made of sturdy and reliable plastic, reusable … Read more

Pamelina DWC 24 Pot System

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: Pamelina Dgs Dwc 24 Pot System (Deep Water Culture) – System Type: Deep Water Culture (DWC) system – Super Oxygenated Solution: The system is equipped with an Iws super oxygenated solution that stimulates massive root growth for plants. – User-Friendly: The system is easy to set up, suitable for … Read more

Complete Sprouting Kit

Specifications Product Specification: – Complete sprouting kit: Includes 2 large wide-mouth glass jars, 2 mesh sprouting lids, stainless steel stand, drip tray, 2 blackout sleeves, and instructions. (Seeds not included) – Easy to use: 2 jars allow for growing more than one type of sprout simultaneously or rotating crops for continuous supply. Easy draining legs … Read more

iDOO Seed Pods kit

Specifications Product Specifications: – iDOO Seed Pods kit for Hydroponics System – Includes: – 12 Growth Sponges – 12 Grow Baskets – 12 Pod Labels – 12 Grow Domes – 2 A&B Plant Food – Compatible with all brands of hydroponics supplies – Suitable for all hydroponic garden starter kits – Compatible with iDOO hydroponics … Read more

Growth Sponges

Specifications Product Specification: – Product: 100 Pack Growth Sponges – Compatibility: Compatible with most hydroponic growing systems, such as AeroGarden, iDOO, etc. Can also be used with seedling trays and potted plants in indoor or outdoor garden soil. – Size: After soaking, the hydroponic sponge measures approximately 2.56″ * 0.95″. – Growing Media: Made of … Read more

LXT PANDA Hydroponics Tower

Specifications – Product Name: LXT PANDA Hydroponics Tower – Number of Pots: 80 – Cultivation Method: DIY Soilless Cultivation Garden Tower Aeroponics Growing Kit – Suitable for: Indoor and Outdoor use – Premium Materials: Made from food-grade materials – Plant Quality: Produces premium plants that are more nutritious and taste better than soil-grown produce – … Read more

Grow Sponges for Hydroponics

Specifications Product Specification: – Quantity: 80 PCS – Shape: Round cone – Dimensions: – Top diameter: 0.9 inches – Length: 2.7 inches (after soaking) – Compatibility: Fits 3.1×1.7in plastic baskets – Compatibility: Fits AeroGarden and other hydroponic growing systems – Material: Made from sphagnum peat moss – Features: – Good size hole for seed planting … Read more