Gardening Portable Knee Pads


Product Specification:
– Product Name: QHW Gardening Portable Knee Pads
– Dimensions: 60x27x49cm (unfolded), 13.5H x 60L x 27Wcm (folded)
– Material: Steel frame, Foam Knee Pads, Oxford Cloth Tool Bag
– Usage: Outdoor Gardening and Gardening, DIY
– Steel Frame: Sturdy and durable, can be used for a long time
– Maximum Load Weight: 150KG
– Armrests: Provides safe support at a higher level when kneeling down
– Soft Foam Cushion: Located at the bottom, reduces pressure on knees and lower back, reduces fatigue
– Detachable Tool Bag: Conveniently placed on the leg for easy access to gardening equipment, also suitable for tool storage
– 2-in-1 Function: Can be used as a kneeling stool for garden repair and shrub trimming, can also be flipped over for comfortable sitting and relaxation
– Suitable for DIY, gardening, and garden work
– Size: 49H x 60L x 27Wcm (unfolded), 13.5H x 60L x 27Wcm (folded)

QHW Gardening Portable Knee Pads, 60x27x49cm, with Foam Knee Pads and Oxford Cloth Tool Bag, for Outdoor Gardening and Gardening, DIY.
  • Steel frame: sturdy and durable, can be used for a long time, the maximum load weight is 150KG, and the armrests on both sides allow you to hold it...
  • The soft foam cushion, placed at the bottom, provides a comfortable position for you to kneel down, which can reduce the pressure on your knees and...
  • Detachable tool bag, put it on the leg, you can easily use any gardening equipment while on the ground, and it is also convenient to store various...
  • 2 in 1 function, can be used as a kneeling stool, tend to repair gardens and trim shrubs, turn it over to sit comfortably and fully enjoy the sun.
  • Very suitable for DIY, gardening and garden work, size: 49H x 60L x 27Wcm, folded: 13.5H x 60L x 27Wcm.

Editor’s Review

**QHW Gardening Portable Knee Pads: A Must-Have for Gardening Enthusiasts**

Are you tired of experiencing knee and back pain after spending hours in your garden? Look no further! The QHW Gardening Portable Knee Pads is a revolutionary product that will make your gardening experience comfortable and enjoyable. With its steel frame, foam knee pads, and versatile functionality, this product is a game-changer for all gardening enthusiasts. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the features, benefits, and real-life applications of the QHW Gardening Portable Knee Pads.

**Sturdy and Durable Steel Frame: Built to Last**

The first thing that sets the QHW Gardening Portable Knee Pads apart is its sturdy and durable steel frame. With a maximum load weight of 150KG, this product is built to withstand heavy-duty usage. Whether you are a professional gardener or simply an avid DIY enthusiast, these knee pads will stand the test of time. The steel frame not only enhances the longevity of the product, but it also allows you to safely hold yourself at a higher level when you kneel down, thanks to the conveniently placed armrests on both sides. This feature ensures stability and prevents accidents while you work on various gardening tasks.

**Foam Knee Pads: Comfortable and Ergonomic Design**

One of the most crucial aspects to consider when purchasing knee pads is comfort. The QHW Gardening Portable Knee Pads excels in this area, thanks to its soft foam cushion. Placed at the bottom, this cushion provides a comfortable position for you to kneel down without experiencing any discomfort. The foam cushion effectively reduces the pressure on your knees and lower back, alleviating any strain or fatigue caused by prolonged periods of kneeling. With these knee pads, you can say goodbye to those aches and pains that used to hinder your gardening activities.

**Detachable Tool Bag: Convenient Storage and Easy Accessibility**

Keeping your gardening tools organized and easily accessible is essential for a seamless gardening experience. The QHW Gardening Portable Knee Pads understand this need and come equipped with a detachable tool bag. This tool bag can be conveniently attached to your leg, allowing you to have all your gardening equipment within arm’s reach while working on the ground. Whether you need your shears, trowel, or a pair of gloves, they can all be safely stored in the tool bag without worrying about misplacing or losing them. The detachable feature also makes it extremely convenient to carry and store the knee pads when not in use.

**2 in 1 Function: Versatility at its Best**

What makes the QHW Gardening Portable Knee Pads truly unique is their 2-in-1 function. These knee pads can be easily transformed into a kneeling stool, allowing you to comfortably repair gardens and trim shrubs without straining your back. Once you have completed your task, you can seamlessly flip the knee pads over and turn them into a cozy seating option. It’s a perfect way to relax and fully enjoy the sunlight after a productive gardening session. The versatility of this product makes it suitable for various outdoor activities, making it a great investment for gardening enthusiasts and outdoor lovers alike.

**Perfect for DIY, Gardening, and Garden Work: The Ideal Size**

The QHW Gardening Portable Knee Pads are perfectly designed to cater to the needs of DIY enthusiasts, gardeners, and anyone engaged in garden work. With dimensions of 49H x 60L x 27Wcm, these knee pads provide ample space for comfortable kneeling. When folded, they shrink to a compact size of 13.5H x 60L x 27Wcm, making them easy to store and carry. The compact size ensures that you can take them with you anywhere, be it your own garden, a friend’s house, or a community gardening project. The QHW Gardening Portable Knee Pads are the ideal solution for all gardening and DIY needs.


In conclusion, the QHW Gardening Portable Knee Pads are a must-have for every gardening enthusiast. With their sturdy steel frame, comfortable foam knee pads, detachable tool bag, and versatile 2-in-1 functionality, these knee pads revolutionize the way we approach gardening and outdoor activities. Say goodbye to knee and back pain and embrace a comfortable and enjoyable gardening experience with the QHW Gardening Portable Knee Pads. Don’t wait any longer, invest in this game-changing product and take your gardening endeavors to new heights.

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