Gardeners Choice 14″ Clear Vinyl Planter Saucer


Product Specification:

– Product name: Gardeners Choice VS14VUS 14″ Clear Vinyl Planter Saucer
– Size: 14 inches
– Material: Vinyl
– Features: Waterproof, strong, and flexible
– Function: Protects floors and furniture from water stains and rings
– Prevents water damage to furniture and floors
– Interior ridges to keep plant bottoms out of water

Gardeners Choice VS14VUS 14" Clear Vinyl Planter Saucer
  • 14" vinyl saucers will help protect your floors and furniture from those harmful water stains and rings plants often leave.
  • Waterproof, Strong, Flexible
  • Prevents Water Damage to furniture and Floors
  • Interior Ridges Keep Plant Bottom Out Of Water

Editor’s Review


The Gardeners Choice VS14VUS 14″ Clear Vinyl Planter Saucer is the perfect solution for protecting your floors and furniture from water stains and rings left behind by potted plants. With its waterproof, strong, and flexible design, this saucer is both functional and versatile. Its interior ridges also ensure that the plant’s bottom remains out of water, preventing any potential water damage. In this review, we will delve deeper into the features and benefits of this saucer.

Waterproof and Strong

One of the standout features of the Gardeners Choice VS14VUS is its waterproof construction. Made from high-quality clear vinyl, this saucer effectively prevents water from leaking onto your floors or seeping into your furniture. Its durable construction ensures that it can withstand the weight of heavy planters without bending or breaking.

The strength of this saucer is particularly impressive. Unlike flimsy plastic saucers that easily crack or become brittle over time, the Gardeners Choice VS14VUS is built to last. It can tolerate frequent use and regular exposure to water without losing its structural integrity. This strength guarantees a long lifespan for the saucer, providing excellent value for your money.

Flexible Design

Thanks to its flexible design, this clear vinyl saucer easily conforms to the shape of various planters. Whether your planter has a round, square, or irregular base, the VS14VUS will effortlessly accommodate it. This flexibility makes it a versatile option that can be used with a wide range of planters in different shapes and sizes.

Additionally, the flexibility of this saucer ensures easy installation and removal. You can simply slip it under your planter without any struggle or hassle. When it comes time to clean or change the plant’s location, you can easily slide the saucer out without causing any damage to the plant or the saucer itself.

Prevents Water Damage

One of the significant advantages of using the Gardeners Choice VS14VUS is its ability to prevent water damage to your furniture and floors. The saucer effectively catches excess water and prevents it from seeping through. This means that no more water rings or stains will be left behind, saving you the time and effort of cleaning up after your plants.

The saucer’s interior ridges play a crucial role in keeping the plant’s bottom out of the water. By elevating the plant slightly above the saucer’s base, these ridges ensure that excess water drains away, keeping the plant’s roots healthy and preventing waterlogging. This feature is particularly useful for plants that are prone to overwatering or for those that require proper drainage for optimal growth.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the Gardeners Choice VS14VUS is a breeze. Due to its smooth, non-porous surface, any dirt or debris can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth or sponge. For persistent stains, a mild soap and water solution will do the trick. Thanks to its clear vinyl material, the saucer remains visually appealing even after repeated cleanings. It will not discolor or fade over time, maintaining its transparent appearance.

Environmentally Friendly

The Gardeners Choice VS14VUS is not only functional but also environmentally friendly. Made from recyclable materials, this saucer can be disposed of responsibly once it reaches the end of its life cycle. By choosing this product, you can contribute to reducing plastic waste and minimizing your carbon footprint.


In conclusion, the Gardeners Choice VS14VUS 14″ Clear Vinyl Planter Saucer is a must-have accessory for any plant lover. Its waterproof, strong, and flexible design offers exceptional protection for your floors and furniture, preventing water damage and stains. The interior ridges effectively keep the plant’s bottom out of water, ensuring proper drainage and plant health. With its easy maintenance and environmentally friendly construction, this saucer is a reliable, long-lasting investment. Say goodbye to water rings and hello to a clean and beautiful living space with the Gardeners Choice VS14VUS!

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