Fuji Instax Wide Instant Film


– Product: Fuji Fujiroid Instax Wide Picture Format Instant Film 60 x10 exp.
– Quantity: 60 films with 10 exposures each, totaling 600 photos.
– Film format: Instax Wide Picture Format.
– Photo size: The film produces wide-format photos.
– Compatibility: Designed specifically for use with Fuji Instax cameras.
– Instant development: The film develops instantly after capturing the photo.
– Number of photos: Can capture 10 photos per film.
– Total capacity: Able to capture a total of 600 photos with the 60 films provided.
– High-quality prints: Produces sharp and vibrant images.
– Easy to use: Simply load the film into the compatible camera and begin capturing photos.
– Great for events or parties: The high quantity of films allows for ample photo-taking sessions without needing to change films frequently.

Editor’s Review


When it comes to capturing precious moments, the Fuji Fujiroid Instax Wide Picture Format Instant Film is a convenient and reliable choice. With a pack of 60 films, each containing 10 exposures, you get a whopping total of 600 photos to cherish. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional, this Fuji Instax Film is designed to deliver high-quality instant prints that truly capture the essence of the moment.

Easy to Use

  • One of the standout features of the Fuji Fujiroid Instax Wide Picture Format Instant Film is its user-friendly nature. The film is incredibly easy to load into your camera, ensuring that you can quickly and effortlessly start snapping pictures.
  • The films are also lightweight and portable, allowing you to carry them with ease wherever your photography adventures take you. This convenience is perfect for photographers who are always on the go and want to capture spontaneous moments.

Excellent Image Quality

  • With the Fuji Instax Film, you can expect exceptional image quality and vibrant colors that truly bring your photos to life. The film captures detail and sharpness with precision, resulting in stunning prints that showcase the true beauty of your subjects.
  • Each photo develops quickly, taking only a few minutes to fully form. This instant gratification allows you to admire and share your photos without delay, making it an ideal option for parties, events, and special occasions.
  • Whether you are capturing breathtaking landscapes or cherished moments with loved ones, the Fuji Instax Film ensures that every picture turns out memorable and meaningful.

Wide Picture Format

  • What sets the Fuji Fujiroid Instax Wide Picture Format Instant Film apart from other instant films is its wide picture format. This format allows you to capture broader scenes and fit more subjects in a single frame, making it perfect for group photos and landscapes.
  • The wider format also adds a unique touch to your photos, creating a more cinematic feel. It adds depth and a sense of perspective that further enhances the storytelling aspect of your images.


  • The Fuji Fujiroid Instax Wide Picture Format Instant Film is compatible with a range of Instax Wide cameras, giving you the flexibility to use it with your preferred device. Whether you own the Fujifilm Instax 210, Instax 300, or any other compatible model, you can trust that this film will deliver exceptional results.
  • This versatility makes the Fuji Instax Film suitable for photographers of all skill levels. From beginners exploring instant photography to professionals seeking a reliable film for their creative projects, this product ensures consistent and high-quality performance.


  • With 600 photos at your disposal, the Fuji Instax Film offers long-lasting value for your money. You can capture countless memories and moments without the need to frequently purchase additional film packs, saving you both time and resources.
  • The films are also designed to resist fading and discoloration, ensuring that your prints stay vibrant and true to life for years to come. This longevity allows you to preserve your memories and share them with future generations.


In conclusion, the Fuji Fujiroid Instax Wide Picture Format Instant Film is an excellent choice for photographers who value convenience, quality, and versatility. With its easy-to-use design, outstanding image quality, wide picture format, and compatibility with various Instax Wide cameras, this film delivers exceptional results every time. Additionally, its longevity and value for money make it a wise investment for those looking to capture and preserve countless memories. Whether you are a novice or an expert, the Fuji Instax Film is a reliable companion for all your instant photography needs.

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