Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog Potting Soil


Product Specification:
– Brand: Fox Farm
– Product: Ocean Forest and Happy Frog Potting Soil
– Quantity: 12 Quart (2 Pack)
– Suitable for: Indoor and outdoor plants
– Type: Organic natural soil mix
– Ready to use: Yes, right out of the bag
– Ideal for: Young seedlings to become thriving plants
– Lightweight: Yes
– Well-aerated: Yes
– Special formulation: Yes, to grow seedlings and cuttings
– All-natural mix: Yes, for container-grown plants
– Soil pH: Adjusted at 6.3 to 6.8
– Optimum fertilizer uptake: Yes, due to pH adjustment
– Rich ingredients: Yes, for strong and vigorous plants
– Contains: Many micro-nutrients
– Perfect for: Indoor and outdoor plant growth
– Ideal for: Containerized plantings
– Bundled with: Pearsons Protective Gloves for hand protection during planting or garden management.

Editor’s Review

Product Review: Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog Potting Soil Organic Natural Soil Mix for Indoor and Outdoor Plants – Organic Plant Fertilizer – (12 Quart) (Bundled with Pearsons Protective Gloves) (2 Pack)


When it comes to growing healthy and thriving plants, having the right soil mix is crucial. The Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog Potting Soil provides the perfect environment for young seedlings to develop into strong, vigorous plants. With its lightweight and well-aerated formula, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plant growth. Additionally, this product is bundled with Pearsons Protective Gloves to ensure the protection of your hands during gardening tasks. In this review, we will discuss the key features and benefits of this organic natural soil mix.

Ready to Use and Versatile

One of the standout features of the Ocean Forest and Happy Frog Potting Soil is its convenience. This soil mix is ready to use right out of the bag, saving you time and effort. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, this product is easy to handle and requires no additional mixing or blending. It is a versatile option that can be used for various purposes, including growing seedlings and cuttings, as well as container-grown plants.

Lightweight and Well-Aerated

The Fox Farm Garden Soil is specifically formulated to be lightweight and well-aerated. This is essential for optimal plant growth, as it allows the roots to receive ample amounts of oxygen. When the soil is properly aerated, it prevents compaction and improves drainage, preventing the roots from becoming waterlogged. This lightweight and well-aerated formula create an ideal environment for young plants to establish themselves and thrive.

Ideal pH Level for Fertilizer Uptake

One of the unique qualities of the Ocean Forest soil mix is its pH adjustment. It is adjusted at a level of 6.3 to 6.8, which is optimal for fertilizer uptake. This means that the naturally rich ingredients in the soil effectively absorb the nutrients from fertilizers, promoting healthy plant growth. The pH adjustment ensures that the seedlings receive the right balance of nutrients, fostering strong and vigorous plant development.

Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Plant Growth

Whether you have an indoor garden or an outdoor one, the Ocean Forest organic soil is perfect for all types of plant growth. It provides the necessary nutrients and micro-nutrients to support the healthy development of plants. The organic composition of the soil mix ensures that your plants are not exposed to harmful chemicals or contaminants, making it safe for both you and your plants. It is particularly beneficial for containerized plantings, providing the essential elements required for optimal growth.

Contains Essential Micro-nutrients

In addition to its organic composition, the Ocean Forest soil mix is specially formulated to contain a wide range of micro-nutrients. These micro-nutrients are essential for plant health and growth. They play key roles in various biochemical processes within the plants, improving overall vitality and resilience. By incorporating this soil mix into your gardening routine, you can ensure that your plants receive the necessary nutrients for strong and healthy growth.

Bundled with Pearsons Protective Gloves

To further enhance your gardening experience, this product is bundled with Pearsons Protective Gloves. These gloves are specifically designed to protect your hands during planting or garden management. They are made from high-quality materials that ensure maximum comfort and flexibility, allowing you to easily handle your gardening tasks. With these gloves, you can feel confident and secure while tending to your plants.


In conclusion, the Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog Potting Soil Organic Natural Soil Mix for Indoor and Outdoor Plants is a top-notch product that provides all the necessary ingredients for successful plant growth. Its ready-to-use formula, lightweight and well-aerated composition, ideal pH level, and inclusion of micro-nutrients make it an excellent choice for gardeners of all levels. Additionally, the bundled Pearsons Protective Gloves add an extra layer of convenience and protection to your gardening experience. With this soil mix and gloves combination, your plants will thrive, and your hands will stay safe.

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