Fonthill Urn


Product Specification:

– Product Name: Campania International Fonthill Urn
– Finish: Verde (Green) Finish
– Material: High-quality cast stone concrete
– Color Option: Shown in Greystone (gs)
– Country of Origin: Made in the U.S.A
– Dimensions: 48″ long x 47″ wide x 26″ high
– Weight: 535 pounds
– Application: Suitable for gardens, large backyards, and commercial spaces.

Campania International Fonthill Urn, Verde Finish
  • Constructed out of high quality cast stone concrete
  • Shown in Greystone (gs)
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Dimensions: 48" long x 47" wide x 26" high Weight: 535 pounds
  • Perfect for any garden, large backyard or commercial space.

Editor’s Review


The Campania International Fonthill Urn is a beautifully crafted piece of outdoor decor that adds elegance and charm to any garden, large backyard, or commercial space. Made in the U.S.A, this urn is constructed out of high-quality cast stone concrete, ensuring durability and longevity. With its impressive dimensions of 48″ long x 47″ wide x 26″ high and a weight of 535 pounds, this urn is a substantial and eye-catching addition to any outdoor space.

Design and Construction

The Fonthill Urn showcases exquisite design and attention to detail. Its Verde finish adds a touch of elegance, giving it a timeless appearance that complements any architectural style. The urn is beautifully crafted with intricate patterns and textures, further enhancing its visual appeal and creating a stunning focal point.

The use of cast stone concrete in the construction of this urn is a testament to its quality and durability. Cast stone is known for its strength and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that this urn will remain virtually unaffected by the elements. The weight of the urn, at 535 pounds, adds to its stability and prevents it from easily being toppled over.


  • High-quality cast stone concrete construction
  • Verde finish for a timeless appearance
  • Intricate patterns and textures for added visual appeal
  • Dimensions: 48″ long x 47″ wide x 26″ high
  • Weight: 535 pounds for stability and durability

Versatility and usage

The Fonthill Urn is highly versatile and can be used in various settings. Whether you have a garden with vibrant flowers and foliage, a large backyard in need of a centerpiece, or a commercial space that requires a touch of elegance, this urn is the perfect choice.

In a garden, the Fonthill Urn can be placed strategically to create a stunning visual impact. Its large dimensions and eye-catching design make it an excellent standalone piece or a beautiful addition to a larger garden arrangement. Fill it with your favorite flowers or greenery to create a mini oasis right in your backyard.

For large backyards, this urn is an ideal focal point. Its substantial size demands attention and adds a touch of grandeur to otherwise open spaces. Whether placed on a patio or within a landscaped area, its presence will elevate the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living space.

Even in a commercial setting, such as a hotel, restaurant, or resort, the Fonthill Urn will make a lasting impression on guests. Its elegant design and superior craftsmanship will add a touch of sophistication to any entrance or outdoor area, making it an excellent choice for creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing the Fonthill Urn requires some effort due to its weight. It is recommended to have two or more people to ensure proper placement. Once positioned, the urn is incredibly sturdy and will remain in place without any issues.

Maintenance is minimal, thanks to the use of cast stone. Simply rinsing the urn with water and wiping it down occasionally will keep it looking pristine. The Verde finish may develop a natural patina over time, adding character and a sense of age to the urn.

Price and Value

Considering the craftsmanship, durability, and versatility of the Fonthill Urn, its price is justified. While it may seem like an investment, the longevity and beauty it brings to any outdoor space make it a valuable addition. Furthermore, the fact that it is made in the U.S.A reflects a commitment to quality and supporting local artisans.


The Campania International Fonthill Urn is a superior outdoor decor piece that adds elegance, charm, and a sense of grandeur to any garden, large backyard, or commercial space. Its high-quality cast stone concrete construction ensures durability and longevity, while the intricate designs and Verde finish create a stunning visual impact. With its substantial dimensions and weight, it demands attention and becomes a standout feature wherever it is placed. Versatile and easy to maintain, this urn is worth the investment for those seeking a timeless and sophisticated addition to their outdoor living space.

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