FLYFRY Bug Zapper Indoor 20w 2800v


Product Specification:
– Brand: FLYFRY
– Product Name: Bug Zapper Indoor
– Power Output: 20W
– Maximum Grid Power: 2800v
– Power Cord Length: 3 Feet
– Plug Type: Certified US plug
– Safety Feature: Safest design with inner high voltage grill protection
– Usage: Electric Insect Fly Killer Mosquito Pest Lamp Electrocutor
– Suitable for: Mosquitoes, Flies, Insects, Bugs, Gnats, Moths, Wasps, Hornets
– Quantity: 2-Pack
– Maintenance: Recommended monthly cleaning using a Plastic Cleaning Brush to remove bug debris from the side rails
– UV Tubes: FSL brand tubes included for attracting flying insects. It is recommended to replace them every 4-6 Months for optimal performance.

FLYFRY Bug Zapper Indoor 20w 2800v, Electric Insect Fly Killer Mosquito Pest Lamp Electrocutor for Mosquitoes Flies Insects Bugs Gnats Moths Wasps Hornets, 2-Pack
  • SAFE: 3 Feet Power Cord with certified US plug for maximum safety to protect your Home or Business. Safest design in the market to protect your hand...
  • STRONG: Heavyduty Indoor Bug Zapper, FLYFRY Bug Mosquito Zapper consumes 20W with Maximum Grid Power set to 2800v to fry without hesitation any fruit...
  • MAINTENANCE: Use a Plastic Cleaning Brush to clean bug debris that are sticking to the side rails. Cleaning the Zapper on a monthly basis will...
  • ULTRAVIOLET: UV tubes should be replaced every 4-6 Months for Best Performance of the Zapper. The tubes included are FSL brand: a leader in the UV...

Editor’s Review

**FLYFRY Bug Zapper Indoor 20w 2800v Review: Keeping Your Home Bug-Free**

Living in an environment with insects buzzing around can be quite bothersome. From pesky mosquitoes to annoying fruit flies, these tiny creatures can make your living space uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are products like the FLYFRY Bug Zapper Indoor 20w 2800v, which promises to rid your home of these pests. In this review, we will examine the features, performance, and overall effectiveness of the FLYFRY Bug Zapper.

**Safe and Reliable Design**

One of the standout features of the FLYFRY Bug Zapper is its commitment to safety. The bug zapper comes with a 3 feet power cord with a certified US plug, ensuring maximum safety for your home or business. The certified plug ensures that you won’t encounter any electrical hazards while using the device.

Furthermore, the FLYFRY Bug Zapper’s design incorporates a safety feature that protects your hand from reaching the inner high voltage grill. This is particularly important if you have curious children or pets in your household. The manufacturers have taken extra precautions to ensure that the bug zapper is not only effective but also safe to use.

**Powerful Bug Elimination**

The FLYFRY Bug Zapper boasts a heavy-duty build and a powerful electric grid. It consumes 20W of power, allowing it to effectively eliminate bugs ranging from fruit flies and mosquitoes to moths, wasps, and hornets. With a maximum grid power set to 2800v, this bug zapper delivers a lethal blow to any insect that comes into contact with it.

Whether you’re dealing with a minor fly infestation or constantly battling mosquitoes, the FLYFRY Bug Zapper is up to the task. Its strong zapping power ensures that your home is free from these pesky creatures, allowing you to enjoy a bug-free living environment.

**Easy Maintenance**

Keeping your bug zapper clean is essential for optimal performance. The FLYFRY Bug Zapper makes maintenance a breeze. Simply use a plastic cleaning brush to remove any bug debris that may have accumulated on the side rails. Cleaning the zapper on a monthly basis not only ensures that it continues to function effectively but also helps to attract more flies.

It is worth mentioning that the FLYFRY Bug Zapper requires regular UV tube replacements for uninterrupted performance. It is recommended that the UV tubes be replaced every 4-6 months to maintain the zapper’s best performance. The included FSL brand UV tubes are known for attracting flying insects and are a leader in the UV light tube market. This ensures that the bug zapper continues to lure and eliminate bugs effectively.

**Conclusion: A Bug Zapper You Can Rely On**

In conclusion, the FLYFRY Bug Zapper Indoor 20w 2800v is a reliable and effective solution for keeping your home bug-free. Its focus on safety with a certified US plug and a design that protects your hand from the high voltage grill ensures peace of mind while using the device. The bug zapper’s powerful grid power and heavy-duty build guarantee the elimination of a wide range of insects, including mosquitoes, flies, moths, wasps, and hornets.

To maintain optimum performance, regular cleaning using the provided plastic cleaning brush is recommended. Additionally, replacing the UV tubes every 4-6 months is necessary to ensure the zapper continues to attract and eliminate flying insects effectively.

If you’re tired of constantly battling with bugs invading your living space, the FLYFRY Bug Zapper is a product worth considering. Its reliable performance, safety features, and ease of maintenance make it a top choice for anyone seeking long-lasting protection against annoying and disease-carrying insects.

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