FLIR Scion PTM366 Thermal Monocular


Product Specification:

– Product Name: FLIR Scion PTM366 Professional Thermal Monocular
– Live Encrypted Video Streaming: Allows for pairing with FLIR’s TruWITNESS platform, providing enhanced situational awareness and real-time centralized information to public safety agencies.
– Rich User Interface: Equipped with a full-featured thermal optic, offering onboard recording, picture-in-picture zoom, and intuitive controls in a rugged design.
– Superior Thermal Detection: Utilizes FLIR’s Boson thermal core with advanced image processing technology, providing smooth and unwavering vision in challenging environments. Offers a 60 Hz image refresh rate.
– Size: 227 √ó 76.8 √ó 60.5 mm (9 √ó 3 √ó 2.4 in)
– Internal Memory: Includes 2 GB of internal storage. Optional microSD card slot allows for expandable storage up to 128 GB.

FLIR Scion PTM366 Professional Thermal Monocular
  • LIVE ENCRYPTED VIDEO STREAMING: Pairing Scion PTM with FLIR’s innovative TruWITNESS platform provides public safety agencies with enhanced...
  • RICH USER INTERFACE: The full-featured Scion PTM packs onboard recording, picture-in-picture zoom, and intuitive controls into a rugged thermal optic
  • SUPERIOR THERMAL DETECTION: The advanced image processing of FLIR’s Boson thermal core paired with a 60 Hz image refresh rate provide smooth,...
  • SIZE: 227 × 76.8 × 60.5 mm (9 × 3 × 2.4 in)
  • INTERNAL MEMORY: 2 GB Internal Storage / Optional microSD Card (up to 128 GB)

Editor’s Review


The FLIR Scion PTM366 Professional Thermal Monocular takes thermal imaging to a whole new level with its innovative live encrypted video streaming feature. When paired with FLIR’s TruWITNESS platform, this thermal monocular provides public safety agencies with enhanced situational awareness and real-time centralized information.

With live encrypted video streaming, users can easily transmit and share thermal images and videos with their team members and command centers. This seamless communication allows for quick decision-making and better coordination during critical operations. The encrypted transmission ensures the security and privacy of the shared information, keeping sensitive data confidential.


The Scion PTM366 is designed with a rich user interface that maximizes usability and functionality. Its full-featured design includes onboard recording, picture-in-picture zoom, and intuitive controls, all packed into a rugged and durable thermal optic.

The onboard recording feature allows users to capture thermal images and videos directly onto the device, eliminating the need for additional recording equipment. This makes it convenient for field use, as users can review and analyze recorded footage without having to transfer files to a separate device.

The picture-in-picture zoom feature allows users to focus on specific areas of interest while still maintaining a wide-field view. This capability is particularly useful in situations where details are crucial, such as search and rescue missions or surveillance operations.

The Scion PTM366 also boasts an intuitive control system that is easy to navigate and operate, even in high-stress situations. The user-friendly interface ensures that users can quickly access the necessary features and settings without any hassle, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the learning curve for new users.


One of the standout features of the FLIR Scion PTM366 is its superior thermal detection capabilities. Powered by FLIR’s Boson thermal core and a 60 Hz image refresh rate, this thermal monocular delivers exceptional image quality and performance, even in challenging environments.

The advanced image processing technology of the Boson thermal core ensures that the captured thermal images are sharp, detailed, and accurate. This level of clarity enables users to identify objects and individuals with ease, enhancing situational awareness and decision-making.

The 60 Hz image refresh rate provides a smooth and unwavering vision, making it ideal for dynamic operations that require fast-paced tracking or movement. This rapid refresh rate ensures that users receive real-time, up-to-date thermal imagery, allowing for immediate response and intervention.

The Scion PTM366’s superior thermal detection capabilities make it an invaluable tool for various applications, including law enforcement, military operations, surveillance, wildlife observation, and search and rescue missions.


In terms of size, the FLIR Scion PTM366 measures at 227 √ó 76.8 √ó 60.5 mm (9 √ó 3 √ó 2.4 in). This compact and portable design makes it easy to carry and handle, even during extended periods of use. The lightweight construction ensures that users can maneuver with ease without feeling weighed down by the device.

In terms of storage, the Scion PTM366 comes with 2 GB of internal storage. This built-in memory provides ample space for storing thermal images and videos. Additionally, it offers optional support for a microSD card with a capacity of up to 128 GB, allowing users to expand the storage capacity as per their requirements.

The internal memory and microSD card support offer the flexibility and convenience of storing a significant amount of thermal data without the need for frequent data transfers or deletions. This ensures that users have access to their past thermal recordings whenever they need them, providing a valuable reference for future analysis or evidence collection.

  • Live encrypted video streaming enhances situational awareness and coordination capabilities
  • Rich user interface with onboard recording and picture-in-picture zoom
  • Superior thermal detection powered by FLIR’s Boson thermal core
  • 60 Hz image refresh rate for real-time, up-to-date thermal imagery
  • Compact and portable design for ease of use
  • 2 GB internal storage with optional microSD card support

In conclusion, the FLIR Scion PTM366 Professional Thermal Monocular is a top-of-the-line thermal imaging device that offers a plethora of advanced features and capabilities. Its live encrypted video streaming, rich user interface, superior thermal detection, compact size, and generous storage options make it a valuable asset for public safety agencies, law enforcement, military personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whether used for surveillance, search and rescue missions, or wildlife observation, the Scion PTM366 excels in providing clear and precise thermal imaging, enhancing situational awareness, and enabling better decision-making in challenging environments.

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