Liquid Fertilizer 4-12-8

Specifications Product Specification: – Type: Liquid Fertilizer – Nutrient Ratio: 4-12-8 (NPK ratio) – Intended Use: Newly seeded areas or late season applications – Container Size: 55 Gallon Drum – Function: Promotes root development – Application: Suitable for late-season winterizing – Safe for year-round application – Application Methods: Can be applied directly or injected into … Read more

Liquid Fertilizer 20-2-3 (55 Gallon Drum)

Specifications Product Specification for Liquid Fertilizer 20-2-3: – Type: Liquid fertilizer – Nutrient composition: 20% Nitrogen, 2% Phosphorus, 3% Potassium – Application season: Spring and early summer – Container size: 55 Gallon Drum – Green-up: Offers fast green-up – Nutrient release: Provides even, slow release of nutrients to turf grass – Nitrogen content: High nitrogen … Read more

Maximum Green & Growth Fertilizer (32 Ounce)

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: Maximum Green & Growth Fertilizer – Fertilizer Type: Liquid Lawn Food Spray – Nutritional Composition: 28-0-0 (28% Nitrogen) – Lawn Coverage: Up to 3,200 square feet when using the attached sprayer – Recommended Application Season: Spring & Summer – Suitable for All Grass Types: Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia, Buffalo, … Read more

Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Edibles Plant Nutrition

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: Miracle-Gro – Product: Performance Organics Edibles Plant Nutrition – Type: Organic Plant Food – Feeds: Tomatoes, vegetables, herbs, and fruits – Feeds Instantly – Promotes a Bountiful Harvest – Weight: 1 lb – Listed organic by OMRI – Application: Can be applied using the Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Garden Feeder or … Read more

AgroThrive Fruit n Flower Organic Liquid Fertilizer (265 Gal) – CropCare 60 Gallon Base Kit

Specifications Product Specification: – Product: Fertilizer Sprayer Bundle – Organic Liquid Fertilizer Brand: AgroThrive – Fertilizer Volume: 265 gallons – Base Kit Volume: 60 gallons – Suitable for: Lawns, Vegetables, Greenhouses, Herbs, and Everything Else That Grows – Organic Certification: OMRI, CDFA, and WSDA listed – Brand: AgroThrive – Item Package Weight: 2776.0 pounds – … Read more

Earth Science Natural Fertilizer & Lawn Food Plus

Specifications Product: Earth Science 12312-80 Natural Fertilizer & Lawn Food Plus – Quantity: 80 units – Fertilizer type: Natural – Coverage: 5,000 square feet – Weight: 20 pounds Editor’s Review Introduction The Earth Science 12312-80 Natural Fertilizer & Lawn Food Plus is a game-changer in the world of lawn care. With a quantity of 80 … Read more

Phosphoric Acid 85%

Specifications Product Specification: – Product: Phosphoric Acid 85% – Container: 275 Gallon IBC Tote – Chemical Concentration: 85% Phosphoric Acid – Purity: High-purity solution – Versatility: Can be used as a rust remover, food additive, and in the production of fertilizers and detergents – Applicability: Capable of dissolving and removing rust, lime, and other mineral … Read more

Hormex Rooting Powder #1

Specifications Product Specification: – Product name: Hormex Rooting Powder #1 – Rooting hormone powder for easy rooting of plants – Fast and easy way to clone plants from cuttings – Helps develop stronger and healthier roots – Contains 0.1% IBA (Indole-3-Butyric Acid) for rapid root growth – Suitable for all grow mediums: Rockwool, coco, peat … Read more