Advanced Nutrients Complete Nutrient Starter Kit Bundle

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: Advanced Nutrients Complete Nutrient Starter Kit Bundle – Includes: Grow, Micro, and Bloom base nutrients (3 bottles) – Includes: Sensizym, Flawless Finish, Bud Candy, Tarantula, Piranha, Voodoo Juice, Overdrive, Big Bud, and Bud Ignitor nutrient amendments (9 bottles) – Total of 12 bottles in the bundle – Designed to … Read more

Liquid Karma Plant Stimulant

Specifications Product Specification: – Name: Botanicare BC32307 55-Gallon Liquid Karma Plant Stimulant – Type: Liquid plant stimulant – Size: 55-gallon container – Formulation: 0.1-0.1-0.5 (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium ratio) – Developed by: Ph.D. plant physiologist – Unique Features: Contains active organic compounds not found in regular plant foods or supplements – Ingredients: Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium – Functions: Acts … Read more

Bonide Sulfur Plant Fungicide

Specifications Product Specifications: – Brand: Bonide – Product Name: Sulfur Plant Fungicide – Presentation: Ready-to-Use Micronized Spray or Dust – Intended Use: Control and prevent common diseases in organic gardening – Diseases Controlled: Rust, leaf spot, mildew, and more – Application: Fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals in the garden – Effectiveness: Works as a pesticide, controlling … Read more