Simmons 802SB 2′ BURY Hydrant

Specifications – Brand: Simmons – Model: 802SB – Type: LD Free BURY Hydrant – Handle Type: Pistol – Handle Design: Designed to prevent pinching hands – Padlock Compatibility: Easily padlocked to hydrant head – Flow Control: Hand wheel on 800 Series designed to lock flow of water to desired rate – Material: Cast iron head … Read more

Woodford Model 65 Wall Hydrant, 8-Inch, P Inlet, Rough Brass

Specifications Product Specification: – Model: Woodford 65P-8-BR – Type: Wall Hydrant – Size: 8-Inch – Inlet: P Inlet – Material: Brass valve body with hemispherical seating surface – Casing tubes: Copper – Solder Joints: No lead solder on all solder joints – Valve Plunger: One piece valve plunger – Flow Control: Accurately controls both flow … Read more

Frost King Foam Faucet Cover

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: Frost King FC14A Foam Faucet Cover – Color: Grey – Function: Protects outdoor faucets from freezing, wind, and chill – Installation: Easy to install – Environmental Aspect: Eco-friendly option – Energy Efficiency: Provides energy efficiency by preventing heat loss from faucets – Packaging: 4 pack, includes 4 faucet covers … Read more