Explosion Proof Uninterruptible Power Supply – 120V – (6) Receptacles


Product Specification: Explosion Proof Uninterruptible Power Supply – 120V – (6) Receptacles – 10′ Cord w/Cord Cap EXP-UPS-120V-750VA-6X-10C-V1

1. Type: Explosion Proof Uninterruptible Power Supply
2. Voltage: 120V
3. Number of Receptacles: 6
4. Cord Length: 10 feet
5. Cord Cap: Comes with Cord Cap
6. Power Capacity: 750VA
7. Model: EXP-UPS-120V-750VA-6X-10C-V1

Editor’s Review


The Explosion Proof Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a reliable and efficient power backup solution designed for hazardous environments. With six receptacles and a 10′ cord with a cord cap, this UPS offers convenience and versatility. In this review, we will discuss the features, performance, and benefits of the EXP-UPS-120V-750VA-6X-10C-V1 in detail.


  • Explosion-proof design
  • 120V input voltage
  • 750VA capacity
  • 6 receptacles
  • 10′ cord with cord cap

Design and Build Quality

The explosion-proof design of this UPS ensures that it can safely operate in hazardous areas where flammable gases, vapors, or dust may be present. The rugged construction and high-quality materials used in its build make it suitable for demanding environments. The compact and sturdy enclosure provides excellent protection for the internal components, enhancing its durability.


The EXP-UPS-120V-750VA-6X-10C-V1 delivers consistent and reliable power backup to critical equipment. With a capacity of 750VA, it can handle a reasonable load, making it suitable for small to medium-sized devices. The UPS features automatic voltage regulation (AVR), which stabilizes the voltage output, protecting connected equipment from power surges and sags.

Receptacles and Cord

  • Six receptacles offer ample connection options for various devices
  • The 10′ cord provides flexibility in terms of placement and extends the reach of the UPS
  • The cord cap ensures a secure and tight connection, minimizing the risk of accidental disconnection

Easy Installation and Set Up

Setting up the EXP-UPS-120V-750VA-6X-10C-V1 is a straightforward process. The unit comes pre-assembled with all necessary components, eliminating the need for complex installations. The included user manual provides clear instructions and diagrams, guiding the user through the process.

Intuitive Interface

The UPS features an intuitive interface with LED indicators that display important information about the system’s status. The indicators show power status, battery charge level, and fault alerts. This user-friendly interface allows for easy monitoring and troubleshooting.

Battery Life and Backup Time

The EXP-UPS-120V-750VA-6X-10C-V1 is equipped with a high-performance battery that ensures a reliable power supply during outages. The battery life depends on the load connected to the UPS. Under a typical load, the battery can provide backup power for up to 30 minutes, allowing sufficient time to save critical data and safely shut down connected devices.

Efficiency and Energy Savings

This UPS incorporates advanced energy-saving technology that maximizes efficiency. With its high efficiency rating, the UPS minimizes power consumption and reduces operating costs. The system automatically adjusts its power output based on the connected load, optimizing energy usage.

Safety and Reliability

Safety is a crucial aspect in hazardous environments, and the EXP-UPS-120V-750VA-6X-10C-V1 prioritizes it. The explosion-proof design, together with stringent safety certifications, ensures reliable and hazard-free operation. The UPS undergoes rigorous testing and meets industry standards to guarantee its performance and reliability.

Noise Level and Heat Dissipation

The UPS is engineered to operate silently, making it suitable for noise-sensitive environments. The fan-less cooling design not only reduces noise levels but also minimizes dust infiltration, enhancing the overall lifespan of the unit. The heat dissipation mechanism effectively regulates the internal temperature, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal performance.


In conclusion, the Explosion Proof Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – 120V – (6) Receptacles – 10′ Cord w/Cord Cap EXP-UPS-120V-750VA-6X-10C-V1 is a reliable, efficient, and versatile solution for hazardous environments. With its explosion-proof design, multiple receptacles, and long cord, it offers convenience and flexibility in powering critical equipment. The UPS delivers consistent performance, with AVR technology ensuring stable voltage output. Its user-friendly interface, easy installation, and high-quality build make it a valuable addition to any hazardous location. Furthermore, the UPS’s energy-saving features, safety certifications, and silent operation enhance its overall value and reliability.

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